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Help with fleas

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I have had 6 fleas jump on me at home within the last 2 weeks. I have washed EVERYTHING in the house. My cats are on advantage, which is now going to be applied every 2 weeks until this situation is under control. (And yes, the vets I work with have told me that applying the advantage every 2 weeks is safe) The 2 dogs are on revolution. (which when there next dose is due, they are getting switched to sentinal and advantage) And the dogs had a flea bath today. I haven't seen any fleas on them. Only when they jump on me.
My question being, does anyone know of products that are safe to use to treat my house, that work, and dont require me to keep the animals out... I have put borax on the carpets and let it sit for a couple days. I'm vacuuming it up tommorrow. But it doesn't seem to have helped much... I can't keep 8 cats, 2 dogs, 2 turtles and a snake confined in one area, let alone one area for an extended amount of time. I also can't take that many animals to be boarded without making a 1/2 dozen trips in my little car....

Someone HELP! Its driving me mad! I feel like I have a dirty house...
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If you keep at it with the Advantage, the flea population that's living off your cats will die off. It's bad waiting, I know!
You can try using "Knockout", which is a flea bomb or spray that contains an insect growth regulator. It's good stuff! You will not get instant gratification with it as it does not kill the adults, but it will stop the development of any fleas in their tracks.

You can also set up a flea trap at night, put a shallow dish of soapy water against a walll and put a small light behind it. Fleas will be attracted to the light and will drown in the soapy water. This will help to reduce the population, too.

I'd say that if it's been two weeks, you are almost through it.

Another suggestion: Revolution really isn't all that great for fleas on dogs. (works great for cats though). I'd switch them to something that works better for fleas like Advantage until this crisis is over.
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