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My cat the comedian

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I thought that maybe I would start a thread about the things that your cats do to leave you in hysterics... After all laughter is contagious.

Today, for example I had gone to the store and the shop I went to put your items in one of those thick paper bags that have the thick paper handles. Anyway once I got home and took my stuff out of the bag I figured I would leave the bag out since the cats, mainly Xavier seemed so interested in it. I left the bag on the couch before I left the room and when I came back in the room Fallon was sitting in it. Not for long because as I left the room again Xavier was fighting her for the right to sit in the bag.

So a few minutes passed by then I heard a violent crinkling sound and peeked into the living room to see what was going on. It couldn't really figure out what was going on because all I saw was bits of the white paper bag flying about and Xavier was zooming around the living room in circles. Finally he broke away from the living room and slid into the hallway, pieces of bag flying everywhere, and ran pass me into the computer room and hit the wall in a blur of white paper and black fur.

Once he finally stopped I saw what was wrong.... He hand gotten the handle from the bag stuck around it body and no matter what he did he could not get away from the bag!! He ran around the room a few more times before I could stop him and I took the bag off of him. He looked so terrifed I couldn't help but laugh.... Maybe it's one of those "You had yo have seen it" but I was laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

Ah... I love cats.
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I've had that happen to some of my cats. It is hysterical, to see one tearing around the house with a bag stuck on them.

Rowdy inspects every bag that comes through the door. I have to take her out of a bag, before I can put away whatever is in it.

Speaking of cats doing funny things: last night, Bill and I were in the shower and Rowdy came into the bathroom, to see what she could get into. She sat on the side of the tub and batted at the water, running down the shower curtain. When she did this with both paws, the curtain went inward and Rowdy wound up in the shower, too. We thought that getting wet would deter her. WRONG! She hopped right back up and played peek-a-boo around the end of the shower curtain. I guess that we'd better start closing the bathroom door, to keep the "kid" out.
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Orion has done the same thing with a plastic bag. The more he tried to get away the more noise it made...and the more he wanted to get away!
Finally I caught him and helped remove the bag and he hasn't done that again...looks at those bags very cautiously now....lol
He has a thing for paper left sitting around anywhere..whether it be letters, brochures, envelopes...he sits on his back legs, grabs the paper in his front paws and then proceeds to shred it. It's like he's building a nest...very strange!
I love the hyper fits he has where all of a sudden he decides it's time to dart around the house...including running up and across walls!
It's also really funny when he gets all frisky, fluffs up his tail and gets a real mohawk happening on his back...then bounces sideways towards you...LMAO
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Kinda like this......lol
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LOL!! I love the poofy tail!! Xav does that when he does something that scares the crap out of him like knocking over a stack of pots or standing on something unstable that suddenly colapses.

Fallon gets the poofy tail too when she's picking on Mitzi or when Xavier beats her up.
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That's such a cute picture!!!! I think it's cool when they poof their tails out like that!

Can't think of any funny stories right now, but I'm sure I will later.
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LOL...it is a funny sight to see huh.
He's not really doing it in the picture, but sometimes he gets such a tall mohawk along his back as well...we call him ridgeback kitty when he does that
He fluffs up pretty easily actually...must be a skitzy kitty...haha
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Tigger gets her raccoon tail too. She gets it whenever. The last few times, her tail poofed up when I was playing with her cat wand. I guess she got happy or something. I've seen it get like that when she gets poe'd too. I wish I could catch a pic of it.
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When we first got Ike, Rowdy was 3 months old and not sure if she liked him or not. She would puff out her tail arch her back hiss and spit at him. It was hilarious, watching a 3 lb. kitten face down an 85 lb. dog. Of course, seeing the dog back down from the little kitty was even funnier!

Nowadays, they are best buddies and play tag, all over the house.
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Wow, Kiki does all kinds of stuff.

I would have to say the best is when she jumps on the bed and she starts hopping side ways and puffs out her tail and she makes all kinds of sounds.

She also likes to grip at me when I am sneezing. If I sneeze once that is ok but if I do it again I am in trouble.

She does the same thing when the phone rings. She just goes nuts, she hates to hear it ring. Especially if it is my in-laws.
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LOL...smart kitty
They're so cute when they fluff up and bounce sideways
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Ophelia gets the mohawk too! It is so funny! She does the tail poof when we are playing, but Trent has to really startle her to get the mohawk going. That is such a great pic of Orion.

The funniest thing I ever saw them do was when they were about 6 months old, I think. Ophelia had just discovered the water in the toilet, and being a little kitty she had to get in there pretty good to get a drink. As she was balancing herself in the bowl with her front paws, her rear end kind of wiggled up in the air, and this was just too much temptation for my mischevious Trent. He saw her little butt wiggling in the air, went running full bore into the bathroom jumped up and smacked her butt, which send her face first into the toilet, and then high-tailed it out. Ophelia comes out, the front part of her body soaked, and looking very PO'ed. I swear I saw Trent laughing when he saw her. And I know I was about ready to pee my pants I was laughing to hard!
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Rowdy has a spiky Mohawk, quite often. Hers, though, is from being slobbered on by Ike. Sometines, her whole body is spiky.
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LOL, Heidi that is too funny!! I would've peed myself laughing if I saw that.

Speaking of cats pushing each other, our living room has a cathedral ceiling with a loft that over hangs half of the room. The loft is pretty much Mitzi's space but the other cats like to sneak up there and terrorize her. One day Fallon and Mitzi were going at it right near the railing and the all of a sudden I saw a blurry black and white ball fall from the loft and DONG!!! Crashed into a big glass vaseon the living room floor. Poor Fallon never saw that comming I bet.

After her fall she took off into our bedroom and hid under the bed for the night. Right afterwards Mitzi was seen peeking over the edge of the loft. I felt terrible but I couldn't help but laugh. Serves her right for picking on poor ol Mitz.
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Now that would have been funny
Orion has a fascination with the toilet too (see below) but luckily he has no other cats around to push him in. For now anyway...but in about a month's time he will...better get the camera ready! lol
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My cat Ninners likes to scare the dickens out of anyone coming into our office. I have a receptionist window next to my desk. She hides where people can't see her. When she hears the front door open she knows it's showtime. Just as they get to the counter she pops up on the ledge! It's so funny to see people stargled.! I have to laugh!:laughing2 She sticks her nose right into their hands to be petted! Just a note on the bags. I always cut the handles of bags off. They pose a choking hazard. They get the handle caught around thier necks and they panic and it can choke them to death! I almost found out the hard way! Luckly, I got it off in time!

Proud parent of JoJoAuxana and Sarah
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