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Jenny GREAT Pics....what beautiful water, looks like you had a great time You are such a cute couple Awwww
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Originally Posted by Pekoe & Nigel View Post
Great pictures!!! (I followed the link you provided- I'm using Firefox and they don't show up )

What did you think of the cruise? I'm always conflicted about them- I really want to go on one because I think they'd be so much fun and so relaxing, but then I'm afraid I might get bored too!
I'm sorry, I just saw that there were replies to this thread that I missed! I loved the cruise! I don't think you would get bored, unless there are a lot of days "at sea". We only had one day at sea and the weather wasn't great that day...it was the last day so we had already explored the ship so there wasn't a whole lot to do that day. Other than that I really enjoyed seeing a lot of different places and doing different things.
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