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feline leukemia vaccine

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Just wondering what people's opinions on this vaccine is. For indoor kitties that will not come into contact with any outdoor cat is it really necessary and does it really cause cancer? There is so much out there online on this subject and it's very confusing as to which way to go on this. I went ahead and had my 16 week kitten get this shot and he was lethargic for about 24 hours which was very scary. He went from being a very energetic playful kitten to nothing which was very nerve racking until he came out of it. He still seems to sleep more than his mama kitty. Is this just normal and am I being paranoid? What are the normal sleeping habits of kittens vs cats?

Confused and Concerned
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The less you have to vaccinate the better so if you have an indoor cat that never goes outside or will never come in contact with a cat who goes outside then I would skip having this vaccine given.

Sometimes after recieving a vaccine it can make a cat lethargic for up to 24 hours afterwards. If your kitten still seems to be out of it and it's causing you to be concerned you should contact your vet and explain the situation.

As for the cancer issue, the major concern about repeated vaccines in cats is feline vaccine-related sarcoma. It's not quite common but it does happen although if your cat is at risk for comming in contact with leukemia the risk of contracting the disease is much greater than that of devolping cancer from a vaccine.
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My vet has recommended that since Ivo is an indoors cat, I do not need to vaccinate her against feline leukemia. I think it's common that any animal be a little "down in the dumps" after a vaccination. After all, you are stimulating their immune system, as if they've been exposed to a cold. And as BadHabit said, the risks to your cat from the leukemia vaccination are much less than if they did get the disease.

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You already have good information on this. I just wanted to add that most babies-of all types-sleep more than the adults of the species. If you feel that your kitten has had a really bad reaction, of course you'll call the vet.
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Yes I have spoken with my vet and she had me give him a 1/4 baby aspirin to help for body aches and possible log grade fever. I need to discuss the pros and cons with her again b4 giving him a booster or not. He has been playing like crazy when his is awake so I guess I just need to get used to his sleep and awake habits. It's been a while since having a kitten around!
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I thought Asprin is poisinous to cats?
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I thought it was, too. If you have any reason to think that your kitty may ever be exposed, vaccinate him. I never thought it would happen, either, and I just lost my precious Leo to feline leukemia. My sister foisted a sickly kitten on me that she assured me had been tested, and was just the runt. Fortunately the other 2 were not infected. She told me later that she knew the kitten was sick, but she knew I would take care of it, and it needed me. I would have cheerfully strangled her on the spot!
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Please, Please do NOT give your cats aspirin without strict supervision by a vet. One aspirin is enough to kill a cat. We hesitate to mention even the possibility of giving aspirins to cats, because it is so dangerous. Of course, ddestes, your cat IS under supervision, but we have to warn those who don't have experience with cats of this danger. I hope all is well now.
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Awhile ago, I had a really sick kitty and the vet told me to give her baby aspirin as well. Not much of one, and he warned me to never give it without first notifying him. I looked at him like he was nuts and told him I had heard aspirin was toxic. He said aspirin is yes, in adult strength, but under vet supervision only, baby aspirin was okay.
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Here is a website that might just make you think a bit......

Sylvia's story
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so why is aspirin toxic then? is it due to some metabolic pathway of the cat? how about panadols..are they safe?
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I always think it is best to deal with questions like this in the following way. If a vet does not tell you to give your cat a medication, do not give it.
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Aspirin can be toxic to cats because cats are deficient in a liver enzyme that metabolizes aspirin and as a result the aspirin stores up in the cat's body to toxic levels. This is why giving a small amount is ok but as Hissy said never give this or any OTC drug to your cat unless directed by a veterinarian.
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I took Peppurr to the vet to get neutered and vaccinated. The vets assistant told me that Peppurr should have the Leukemia vaccine, she didn't even know that he was a mostly indoor cat. I had the vaccination done because Peppurr likes to sit outside on the porch swing in the Summer. All my cats are going to have this vaccination because most of them go out for 5 mintutes at a time. Vader is a scrapper so he's definatly going to have it!!
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I just today lost 4 cats to distemper ( I added my own post if you'd like to see my babies) I have two more. One of which may have to be put down too. Please immunize.
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We will all send out our prayers for your two other kitties!
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That's unbelievably sad. I can't imagine how heartbroken you must be. When you feel up to it, please come to the Rainbow Bridge and tell us about your babies. God bless.
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