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Do any of your cats beg to go for rides?

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My little abyssinian begs and cries to go for rides in the Truck(or car). He is so funny. He rides on the center console of the truck and navigates. When the ride is over he waits till you get out the the truck, and then jumps on your shoulder to bring him in the house. I have never had a cat who begged to ride in any vehicle!!!!!

Does anyone else have a cat who adores going for rides?
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Holy cow that cat needs to be on TV or something.
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I have several cats that love the car. Jack really enjoys trips in the car, he loves big rigs on the road. Blaze, a boy I recently placed in a new home, used to love to ride on the dash of the car. He'd stay there the whole time, even if it was a 500 mile trip.

You're very lucky to have such a cool cat!
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The only place my cats have gone for rides to is the, no.
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Yes, my Wawa. But not in the cat carrier! He needs his freedom both outside and inside the vehicle.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
The only place my cats have gone for rides to is the, no.
I really wish we'd got them used to the car when they were still kittens.
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My Velvet does! She also walks on a leash better than most dogs do I take her into pet stores with me (on a leash!) and she loves to go bye bye
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Most of the "old-timers" here already know that Bijou and Mika enjoy the car. Bijou will jump in as soon as the car door opens and get comfortable on the back seat. Mika prefers to lay across your legs while you are driving but we get her to lay on the passenger's legs. They have their harness on during car rides with the leash an arm length away. We snap on the leash before opening any doors or windows. Mika spent over an hour one day at Home Sense looking at all the goodies with us and never made a fuss at all. (Lots of folks made a fuss over her though and she just loves the attention.) When we take Bijou to the hardware store in town, he walks around (on his leash) checking out all the merchandise up and down the aisles.
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No, because Tiger was dumped on a highway with another cat. he hates car rides and most cats do hate car rides.
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Radar only ever goes to the vet, but despite numerous injections, rectal thermometers, dye in his eyes to check for scratches, and various other indignities, he still jumps straight in his carrier as soon as I open it. We don't have our own transport but he loves going on the bus or being carried around, he looks out of the grille at the front and observes everything. He must know that we are on our way to the vet, but it doesn't phase him in the slightest. He was a bit disturbed when a police car with sirens full blast went past today as we were waiting at the crossing to go to the vet, but he wasn't terrified or anything. He has to go back tomorrow and I really don't want to have to take him back again until he's due for his 1 year boosters, he's been up there enough with very minor ailments and hopefully this one is minor too and he will be ok tomorrow cos I don't know what I will do if he's not.

He really is one in a million that cat, completely unique, and I love him so much it hurts.
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Hrm no, we dont drive. But i did have a big brown dog try to get onto the bus with me yesterday! lol
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Löki hates it - but Jacob loves to go car-car! He loves to sit in the passenger seat up fron and yes, he wears a seat belt! He insists on it! We've actually gotten quite a few second looks from startled people seeing us go past!
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My cat sammy loves to go for rides. He's snuck into friends cars, and once even the pizza guys car without them knowing. I have to be very careful to make sure I know where he is before someone leaves my house now.
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