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A stray gets beaten up EVERY DAY

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Hello ...

I had this stray cat in our apartments. I fed it and everything was good. It had a couple of kitten's. Most of the kitten left or died. One of them survived. I named him LEX, he is a very loving cat, playful and all. He is 15months old seems strong enough.

Now the problem is LEX get beaten up by these other males who visit our apartments on and off. LEX usually stays outside my apartment or hides some where if other cat get to him. These cats don't gang up on him, even in a one on one Lex can't fight, so every time he growls or scretches I have to shoo the other cat. Otherwise it gets really bad. While Lex gets beaten he pee's all over the place.

I mean I feed him good.. he seems quite strong but he can't fight.

I have noticed that when he tries to spray and wiggles his tail nothing happens. Is this the reason that he can't fight or mark his territory ?

Is their any way I get him strong enough to protect him self. Or would I have to trap the other cats and relocate them. Then again some new cat may come along can beat the crap out of him.

I would keep him inside but I am alergic to cats ...

Any suggestions??
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They're attacking him because he's not neutered and in their territory. It really sounds like he needs a nice pampered indoor kitty life since he's not an aggressive fighter.

Can you afford to get him neutered? Since you can't keep the cat yourself do you know anyone who would want him as a pet?
Relocating the other cats won't help for long, more will move in or nearby neighbors may have unaltered outdoor cats.
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Poor Lex! He was born in the area so he is actually in his territory and is trying his best to defend it. If you can, have a vet check him out. The other cats probably sense there is something wrong with him so they bully him.
Neutering only prevents him from impregnating females and thus lessen aggression but his territorial instinct will remain.
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aww for guy.
take him in
maybe he would make a good indoor pal!
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Poor Lex That's one good reason why I would never let my two furbabies go outside cause I don't think they can defend themselves, especially my baby girl. My kitties were found at an abandoned building. I wasn't plan on keeping them because I am highly allergic to cats. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good home for them so I decided to keep them. I remember I was sneezing, wheezing, watery/itchy eyes to the point that I had difficult time breathing. After a series of medication, I'm so much better now. Plus, being exposed to what I am allergic did help, I guess. My friends call me crazy but how can you not love them?

Maybe you can find someone who might want to adopt Lex or give it a try having Lex at your place and soon enough you can be like me, not allergic to cats!
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The very best thing you can do for your Lex is to contact a group that can trap him, foster him, and find him a home. Most likely IF there's a person or group that can help, they will want to trap all the feral cats that visit your apartments. They would be released - it is very difficult to turn an older feral into a pet, but allowing them to continue to reproduce will just create more homeless kitties.

I don't know where you live, but to help prevent these kitties from reproducing, they really need to be trapped, spayed and neutered, and fostered or released.

If you want to learn about TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release), you can click on the StrayPetAdvocacy picture in my signature.

If you want to try to locate people or groups that might be able to help, try


You can also try here:

http://www.pets911.com Click on the link on the left side of the page to "Find a Local Shelter or Rescue," then type your zipcode into the box at the top of the page and hit "go." A list of organizations (some may be animal control, some may be ferret or rabbit or dog rescue - just ignore those) will come up, and you can call or e-mail them to see if they can help in this situation - or if they know of someone or an organization in the area that can help.

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Poor Lex, I think you need to find him a inside home somewhere before they kill him.
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Hello everyone thanks for replying...

I have considered taking him to a vet and get him examined. He is healthy and playful other than the fact that he doesn't spray. So may be if he could mark his terratory other cats will think before the beat the crap out of him.

Lex had a brother, I named him Douzoo... He was very territorial. I mean even when he was kitten he use to fight alot. He grew up to be a strong cat. He had some serious bruses. I had him treated and he recovered very well. Then one day he just left. This may be the reason the Lex never bothered to fight because Douzoo protected him and the territory...

I would love to adopt Lex but ... My parents don't like cats, one of the reasons being I am Allergic to cats, I get skin rash, Wheesing, blocked nose (which is terrible). We did have a cat named Snow(Kitten litter before Lex). She was bullied a lot and there was no one to take her in. So we took her in, I didn't complian about by condition much. Then once she was on heat and she found her self a mate and ran away with him ... Never came back

Any ways ... my allergies were gone. So mom and dad don't want cats in the house.

About TNR it seems very interesting. I'll talk to my vet about it. Here in Pakistan they don't have any groups or shelters, so people don't really bother. Spaying/Nuetering cost $55-$70. Which is quite expensive for a stray cat. Even if I get Lex spayed I don't think it will solve his problem.

Any ways... thanks again for your replies...

Lets see how thinks unfold.
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Please keep us posted on how Lex is doing.
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