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Does anyone have a CraftMart in their area? It's pretty much the same as Michaels (craft store). Anyways, they have some really cute cat frames. I bought 3 today......... the 2 are made of pewter & are in the shapes of cats. I'll try to find a pic of them on the web.

Ok the one I bought has a web link:


I bought:

They have some more over at the store I bought them from. The big one was $10.00 and the other 2 were $5.00/frame.
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I don't know about craftmart, but if you have a Hobby Lobby anywhere near you, they have really great stuff! Some of my best cat stuff came from there. Stuff for every season, frames, all kinds of goodies! I worked at one in Kansas City, and loved every minute of it. They are a privately owned, Christian based company. They really support their employees, and I encourage anyone that has one near them to shop there.
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Oh, those are really cute.. I actually have the first one listed, but the other two are adorable too.
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I have heard of Hobby Lobby .......
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I was working for them when they had those awful tornadoes in Oklahoma city a few years ago. 10 of their employees lost everything. We heard that the CEO and his family beat the Red Cross out looking for the employees that were affected and gave each of them money to get by on right away. They let us put donation jars in our stores in KC, and I assume all the others, and the company matched every dollar we collected. They started closing on Sundays, because they believed the employees should have this day to spend in church or with their families. You should check out the website and see some of the beautiful religious artwork they buy space for in major newspapers around the holidays. Unfortunately, the website does not give a clue as to how much great stuff they actually have in their stores. It's hobbylobby.com.
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Order crafts for the holiday season!
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