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How do I train my cats to pee and poo outside??

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I'd like to train my cats to pee and poo outside, I let them into my backyard all the time and they never do their business outdoors? My cat runs back inside the house just to pee..

Any tips?
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Where is his litterbox? Try moving it closer each day to his exit point and then put it outside for his use. When you notice that he no longer uses it then he is already doing his toilet in the yard.
My cats do their toilet both inside and outside. But I notice it's the older ones that prefer the outside.
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Is the area you are allowing them outside enclosed? You might try to have a covered area that is waterproof (rain/snow) and put the litter pan in there for them to use. But they still may not ask to go outside when they need to go.

Cats are NOT dogs
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[quote=Catnappin;My cat runs back inside the house just to pee.. [/QUOTE]
I thought this was so cute, I had a chuckle. Agreed, put the litter box closer each day to the outside. Eventually you may need to have a designated area that you only want kitty to go. Put litter box there & eventually take it away & have soft digging material. You don't want em going in your best flower garden.
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I have a kitty that is just the opposite. Before I had my "cat pen" attached to the house, Zoe would beg to go outside even if it was raining. I would open the door, she would run out and pee in the rain, then run back in.

I have tried several outdoor type litter boxes. At first I just put a regular litter box out there under the patio. Then I tried an actual sand box...... that gets really stinky even just the wet sand! Now I use stall bedding for horses. It is basically sawdust, and very cheap, and it composts. I got some of that plastic edgeing for gardens and made different circular areas that I wanted them to go in. They just took to it.

They especially like to poop out there for some reason. They also will pee in the grass, but be forwarned the urine kills the grass.
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Yea their litter is in my room pretty far from the door. The backyard is enclosed and the weather is mostly dry, (los angeles) large area for them to play around in.

I just want them to do both, go to the bathroom indoors and outdoors.
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Supposedly, if you go outside with your cat and gently take their paw and scratch the earth with it where you are ok with them peeing, they are suposed to understand that they can pee outside.

Also you can try moving the litter box closer and closer to the outdoors.

I should warn you that despite my best efforts, my girls never used the big kitty litter box of the outdoors and always came back just to use their litter box. I guess some cats just prefer an indoor litter box, just like some humans feel more comfortable on their own toilet than any other.
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another factor is the type of ground that they might be digging in - if its too hard to move or hurts them they just wont use it

Something I remember that gardeners in the UK used to do to stop cats digging up plants etc - create a corner/space just for kitties to 'dig & do' in - one person I knew even made it like a sand-pit and put a border around it, it made easier to clean - and this guy didnt have cats, but it stopped the cats digging up his precious plants.

So I dont know what your plans are but if you can prepare an area with a product that they will use - then you might have some luck

p.s. you might also add some of the used cat-lit in this area, so they can recognise it, this might also attract them !
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If you are keeping a litter pan INSIDE, why do you want them to eliminate outside too? I was under the impression you wanted them to go outside only for potty ????
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Because they spend alot of time outdoors (most of the day)and it would be alot better if they did their business outdoors.
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Good luck, but cats really are not ones you can train on a schedule for potty - like you would a dog. You still may wind up cleaning the inside pan too
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I had a cat who always meowed at the door when she needed to go, it was so cute. But i'm not sure how it got there cuz we had a litter box, but one day she just started to go outside like she taught herself. I have tried to do that with other cats but I guess it all depends on the cat itself.

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I guess missnbaby definitely made a point there, cause each cat has their own little personalities and likes and dislikes.  I have two cats that are sisters and one of them loves to get exercise and the other is ..well..lazy.  but I don't think it's the laziness with her, I just think she's a little more territorial or something because she will not use it outside unless we are staying at my boyfriends.  She will wake us up to go do her business outside if we are there, otherwise...she HAS to go inside.  lol

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