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American Dreams

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Has anyone been watching this show on Sunday nights on NBC? I think it's a pretty good show. It must have been hard to live back then: husbands not liking their wife going to school, racisim, etc. The bandstand thing is cool. too.

Living with the Parents is a hilarious show, also ..........
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I caught just a little bit of it, and it looked pretty good!!!
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i would have loved to live back then!! you did not have near the problems that exist today. divorce rates were much much lower back then. there were no half naked women in comercials or wherever and family was important. i think times today are sad. i could go on and on.
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I haven't watched it since it is opposite The Sopranos. It looks like a good show, though.

7CC, although there was less divorce and less in-your-face sex (which I totally agree with you on. I don't need to see that!), there were serious problems with that era too, as there are now. Racism was rampant, and LEGAL. Abuse was something you just didn't talk about, or walk out on. Politically, there was Viet Nam, which was a totally politics driven war that they knew we couldn't "win" but sent our boys in to die anyway. The Cold War was in full swing and being called a Commie was as bad as a "Terrorist" is today. Every era has it's good points and bad. There are some great things we can appreciate about today too, like technology so we can have places like The Cat Site. Funny thing is that back then they thought the morals of the day were horrible and society was going to hell in a handbasket, only for different reasons than we have today.

Just my 2 cents.
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