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growing catnip

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Has any one tried to grow catnip from seed? Do they even sell seeds? I know they sell the plants, but I like to start from seed so I don't have to worry about getting an unhealthy plant from a pet store. Did you order the seeds on line, if so what site. I live in MA by the way, so if you know any place that sells it around here I would appreciate it.
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You can get seeds at most any garden center.
If you grow it outside, be sure you can control it as once it escapes its container, it's very weed like in its persistance
It's a member of the mint family and is pretty forgiving as far as growing conditions.

I didn't even winterise my container gardens last fall and already the catnip is begining to be active again.
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Check at walmart first, or anywhere that sells garden stuff.
You can also get little seed starter kits with flat peat moss discs (you add water, they expand). You plant a few seeds in each then stick them in a window with the clear plastic top on. They'll sprout very quickly, after the plants are a couple inches tall transplant to a pot or outside.

I'm currently starting a lot of different greens for my baby turtles' pen in a large starter tray with the peat discs.
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hmmmm, they spread like weeds you say. If I were to transplant it to a large pot on our deck do you think the seeds will still spread through our yard? I suppose I could always just pull it up. Thanks I think I will just look around for it since one of my cats LOVE it and the other one has never had the experience of smelling it and I think a lot of the toys filled with the cat nip have lost some potency, I want to see how they react to the fresh stuff. Now when should I plant the seeds (I'll start them inside) should I do it now? It's starting to warm up here but The nights are still freezing. Thanks for your help!
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You can keep it from spreading by snipping off the buds and giving them to your kitties before they flower, if they flower then yeah, the seeds will be everywhere.
If you prevent them from flowering though, it'll still come back up every year.
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