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Meowing and the shower

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Odo meows a lot. He has since shortly after I brought him home last year, and I understand that that is just how he is. What I don't quite get is why he screams when I'm in the shower. I don't close my bathroom door since I live alone and the cats are used to being able to wander in. Whenever I shower, Odo comes into the bathroom and cries at the top of his lungs--even louder than his is normally. He's not trapped in the bathroom, so I don't understand why he does this. Any insights?
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If he doesn't like water, he may be meowing in sympathy for you. He may be trying to scare away the water-monster!
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@ "Water Monster"

My kitty Ebony does a similar thing when I am in the shower (she also follows me religiously to the bathroom every day). In her case, I think she is asking me to open the shower door up for a number of reasons:

1. For some reason, she thinks I should be paying attention to her while I am showering. She often ends up with a wet head, because she likes me to pet her.

2. Water consumption -- she likes to lick fresh water from my fingers.

3. I think she also just likes watching the water come out of the shower.

She's a little strange, but that's why I love her.
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My cat also acts really strangely around the bathtub, but it's worst when the shower is going or I'm drawing a bath. He does just what your cat does. He gets very agitated and will howl and bite my legs as I'm running the water or trying to step in. So I no longer let him into the bathroom when the water is running.

Who knows what it's really about? He's fascinated by the tub and likes to get in there and hide or act crazy. But I think the echo of the bathroom tile and the loud noise of the water, coupled with the stray water droplets that hit him, has a great deal to do with it.
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LOL Saki does the same thing! But he waits until I am done and turn the shower off and then he starts howling. As soon as I step out he's screaming and rubbing all over me like he just wants the most attention when I get out of the shower. Its really the funniest thing ever.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
If he doesn't like water, he may be meowing in sympathy for you. He may be trying to scare away the water-monster!
Honestly, I thought that for a while. I'd poke my head out and he'd be reassured and quiet until I disappeared again. Now, he just keeps meowing no matter what. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with this "problem."
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I too have a few that do this-Melody will paw at the shower doors for hours if I stayed in there that long and will meow as if to say "let me in!!", but when I do she looks at me as if I am the crazy one for thinking she would want to get her beautiful self wet. Uno comes in every day while I am showering and in our old house we had a bathtub with a curtain that we used to play peek-a-boo with but our new house has a shower stall with doors-so no more peek-a-boo he just watched and then starts rubbing frantically when I come out as if I had been locked away in there forever. Ginger though is our most vocal when it comes to the shower-she will meow and scream once your shower is over to let you know she needs to be petted and to lick the water off your fingers or your legs. I am not quite sure why any of them started this behavior, but it is always fun to watch and see what they will come up with next~
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Pearl does it too! I think it's exactly what GingersMom said -- they're trying to protect us from the dreaded Watermonster! And the rubbing afterward is their way of helping us dry off.

I saw a cartoon somewhere years ago: a shower curtain drawn across a tub, steam rising from behind it, and two cats sitting on the bathmat, watching. One cat turns to the other and says with a shudder, "How do they stand that?"
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Alley always stood outside the shower and waited for me to come out. Then she would start meowing and rubbing against me. Long long fur against my wet legs was a mess but she tried to do it every time. If I shut the bathroom door, she would meow to be let in.

Cats are so silly.
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Yeah, my cat Jimme also does this....everytime I take a shower, he sits on the toilet and peeks in as if he is watching a show! I often tease him and ask if he has his tickets to the show.... He watches me dry off and demands (what I call) a "Head-Butt" then his head is all wet. He must think that he is going to miss out on a show cause he wants to be in the bathroom even when I am just using the toilet! Yup, cats ARE crazy and you can't have just one!
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I have two that do that. Uno and Bob. If I am "lucky" enough to get trapped in the bathroom with both of them when I get in the shower they both meow at me the entire time I am in there. Bob will also poke his head in the shower several times to make sure I am okay.

Now if they get shut out, Uno will be fine but Bob will meow and paw under the door the entire time. You would think he was locked in the bathroom rather than locked out by the way he crys
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what a cute yet funny story, I love the fact of that.
I agree, I am sure that you been watched out for the water monster.. lol

hahaha.. haven't had such a good chuckle for awhile now..

Oh yes, Milli runs around the shower after I have showered but allows me to shower in peace, maybe because she is still only a kitty.
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that is why they are following you into the shower.Protection!they know what happened at bates motel!

Mine she waits outside then proceeds to have a go at me for being in the shower and smelling of peaches,flowers etc as opposed to bones or chicken with rice

Not good!Must be stopped!
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