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3 day old kittens with flees!!!

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ok , just seen a flee on once of the kittens , when she went for a vet check when i first got anne he didnt see any signs so he didnt want to treat if he didnt have to because she was pregnant. plus the ex pwner had said she had been treated just before she got pregnant.
im phoning the vets in the morning , to see if there is anything thats safe which i dont think there is just yet , but iv tried to go through them and cant get anything there hair is to short for the flee comb plus there to wiggly for it. they seem in good health apart from that. but iv heard of flees killing tiny kittens with animia?
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
but iv heard of flees killing tiny kittens with animia?
That is true, if you can't use a flea comb are you able to pick them off yourself?
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I can't give advice on how to get rid of the fleas, but I'm pretty sure that they can only kill a small animal if it's a very severe infestation. Imagine how many fleas there'd need to be do take a noticeable quantity of blood. Besides which, these kittens are getting good food, so they're probably not going to run low on any minerals easily.
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i would pick them of if i could see them , the kittens are 1 black , and 1 dark tabby and mum is a tabby . most of my cats are very dark. but the rest are covered as they go outside they have frontline drops each month.
if i remember righting frontline spary can be used from 4 days old , but the earlist i have done it is 3 weeks old. on advise from the vets. it also says on the bottle it can be done from 4 days old. but i would like to check with the vets to be on the safe side. god i hate flees , whats the best way to treat the house . i normally ask my partner to do it as he works in pest control and they deal with flees alot , but i have never sprayed the house with tiny kittens in , i normally put the cats in the kitchen with the door shut and window ajar and spray the house , go out for a few hours come back hover with flee colar in the bag then let cats out and do the kitchen. how will i do where the kittens are ? what can i do to reduce them in the bedroom , even though i dont think there is many , but i would like to nip it in th but before it gets out of hand .
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To be safe wait ask the vet. Can ya take a towel and rub the kittens down to see if they start to fall off. How many fleas are we talking about. If it is a few I would wait to treat just to be truly safe.
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sorry i went to the vets this morning with chloe and i asked about the other kittens. chloe did have flees , the only thing they will treat her with at the moment is frontline spray , they say shes about 7 weeks old ,seems in good health , but a little bit skinny. they have told me if i cant see many flees (iv only seen 1) then to wait till the kittens are 1 week old , then spray my hands with the flee spray and rub it on them that way. and do mum the same way. i just have to keep an eye on them to make sure there not getting sluggish and still nursing , they said they can worm them when there 3 weeks old because of the flees.
they have told me i can put chloe and anne and the kittens in the same room if anne allows it, as she seems to be in good health. but im not to sure about this she is very playfull at the moment. thanx everyone
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I would keep them apart for now and also if ya saw only 1 flee then wait till the kittens are 3 weeks old to do the spray that way there is less to worry about true.
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yea true , i will hold off for as long as i can.
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You will have to share week old pics soon. It is nice to see them grow
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yea , the black one has half an eye open already , there 4 days old today.
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Yes I know I missed there birth I had to go to bed ... But they are so adorable
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