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need to vent about those parents

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I told you a few months back how my mother/father doesnot leave messages, right?
Well, yesterday they called (I am assuming it was the mother) while I was out. Now, I havenot heard from them since calling her on her birthday, which was about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I also DID NOT hear back if she ever received her b-day card, which I think is rude & pisses me off. You'd think they would leave a message wouldn't they to say Hi, call me back? NO.
So, I didnt get around to calling them back. I go out today, and guess who calls AGAIN on my caller ID? My parents! Now, I am sorry but I feel llike I cannot escape them ......... I am *#%&#*$# 25 years old and am not a damned little kid who needs to check in. Whenever they call me it puts me in a strange mood, for which I cannot make anyone understand how I feel when they call ... it makes me nervous, etc. Sorry, but, I am about to blow & say ever swear word that is out there.........
Now, I feel better.
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Hi Tigger,
I hate to tell you this but parents, seem to forget that we are our all grown up.
At times they need a gentle reminder of it.
Dont let your guilt turn into anger and ruin your day.
Trust me on this one, parents are great in turning on the guilt trips.
I have found a geat way to keep my parents off my back.
Once a week I send them an email, that says" Still alive ,all is well,Kids and husband doing great, talk to you soon.
I know it seems like I am still checking in with them, but its a small price to pay, for non interference freedom
It seems to work for me.

Tish +
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Nothing bugs me more than people who don't leave a message on the machine.

Our caller ID is messed up and doesn't always work so often if I don't feel like talking to certain people I'll let the machine pick up the call. Instead of leaving a message they'll hang up and call back 5 minutes later, and then again in another 5 minutes(repeat this sequence several times until I get so annoyed I have no choice but to answer the phone).

Or the people who hang up just as the beep goes off so all you hear is an ear piercing BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!

Tigg, have you ever asked your parents about not leaving a message??
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I have but my mom will not do it. I just was telling hubby about this earlier: no one likes their voice, right? Well, here is my concept: you talk to someone on the phone & your voice pretty much sounds the same as it does on a machine right? Well, I was just thinking, if she hates her voice on an answering machine, why call it the first point? Know what I mean?
Hey, that is what caller id is for .... so you know who is calling and if you dont want to talk, then that is what a machine is for, lol.

That would bug me if someone kept calling back like that ..... I told hubby I feel like I am being stalked by my parents.
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At my house the answering machine is on 24/7, and we also have caller ID. When people call and don't leave a message, we just figure that the call couldn't have been all that important, and we don't worry about it.

Your parents could keep calling you like this for a long time, (maybe years.) You might need to follow Lady Hawk's example and figure out a way to deal with this situation that works well and lets you have more control.
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That would tick me off too, Tigger. My hubby's mom does that alot!! She will call, but not leave a message...so when I check the caller ID, there are a bunch of calls from her, but no message. It's irritating!!!!!
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This #$*% keeps getting better & better, I tell you. Now, I got to hear how uncaring I am, how they are hurt because they have not seen me, etc. etc. etc. I am the one who remained calm, but no........ I just dont understand it anymore..... She loves to bring up how my grandmother would have felt about all of this, which drives me up the wall, and how she cries every day over this incident, etc. Oh, andhow I am 25 & should learn to understand things better on feelings........ Ok, I am finished with this
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oh tig, I wish I had some advice to offer you, but all I have to give is my shoulder to cry on. email me if you want to vent more. I am here for you!
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It's just not fair for parents to treat you like that. I there with Daniela, I don't have any advice, but feel free to email or PM me if you need to vent more. ((((HUGS))))
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