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Radio question of the day: 03/13/07

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Have you ever.....................

Well phooey, I was going to make a poll, but somehow messed it up! Oh well! LOL

Have you ever done anything that would make your mother dissapprove?
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I have tattoos and piercings, 'nuff said
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Who hasn't?

She told me she'd kill me (not literally) if I ever smoked, but of course in high school I tried it. The same goes for trying pot a few times in my teens, and "not waiting until marriage". That's all I'm saying on that
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my mother is one of those "oh pity me" types that's never happy....so I'd say yeah.... Needless to say, we don't speak much.....
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Not that I can think of right now?
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i wanna say who hasnt at some point in their life??? My mom HATED it when I dyed my hair black, and well I had this reall pretty blonde hair as every keeps telling me and I "ruined" it by dyeing it hey I needed change, and well when I had my lip ring she didnt like that much, and well some other things that i cant really get into here
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PLENTY! Nuff said...
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I don't think I ever did anything she did aprove of
Yes I did married DH she liked him.
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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
"not waiting until marriage". That's all I'm saying on that
Thats my answer too. I thought my mom would freak out when she found out that I had a tattoo, but she actually thought it was cool.
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Of course!
(You didn't ask what )
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Of course!
(You didn't ask what )
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um, yeah, but she still loves me anyway my sister on the other hand.... she is the bad kid but my mom loves her too just kidding!!
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Ahem, nope never!
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Let's see, there's the bartending job I used to have (ladies don't do that) , the tatoos and the pierced belly (ladies didn't do those either, but she's gotten used to all of it .
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Yes, and I'm leaving it at that.
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Not that she's ever complained about (at least not to me).
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My mother disapproved of everything I have done LOL

Married at 16
moved out at 15
1st kid 21
Moved to utah after DH was killed
live on my own

SHOOT it keeps going lol.
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She hated my grades...if I got anything below a "B" which was once in a while then I was going to grow up to be a nobody and that no one would love me.

I hit college and didn't care after that.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Drinking, smoking for a short time, sneaking out of the house, staying out past my curfew, using the computer after bedtime, lying, being mean to my brother...
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all the time.
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Yes I have.....

When I was 16 I was working for Dairy Queen and it was my first job. Just before I quit this really hot guy started working there. I mean he was hawt! And it was prom time and I worked with a bunch of friends. So it ended up that last minute he was going to go with me to my prom, but then that fell through. I was disappointed but got over it. I mean he may not have been going, but he flirted with me soooo bad at work and stuff I was in high heaven! Well 2 weeks after he started working there I got wind of what a player he was! I was disappointed more than hurt, but what a jerk!

Soooo.....my friend had just started dating a guy from her job. He went to school with the player from my job. Turned out they were in the same circle of friends.

Back then I was not allowed to wear spaghetti strap tank tops without a shirt with sleeves over it. And I obeyed....mostly. Well I had this really cute dark red velvet spaghetti strap tank top with this super cute silver embroidery. Rather sexy for me. And back then I was still skinney....and still very well endowed. Esp for a teenager.

Soooo.....my friend and I left her house, with me in my little tank....and headed over to DQ just before closing. But it was summer and hot so it was packed. We stood at the end of the hot guys line and boy was he happy to see me! I mean stuttering and everything. My friend had ordered something....he gave me her change. I mean the guy was trippin. I had him. Another friend who was working was watching from nearby and obviously having a hard time holding it in.

So after laughing all the way back to my friend's house, we called her BF, where all their friends were hanging out. We gave them the details and they were just rolling with laughter. I don't know where that guy is today, but that story is legendary in my circle!

So that's what my mother would disapprove of. Even if she would be secretly thinking it was funny. Come to think of it....I don't even think DH knows about it! Oh, and I still have that tank! I just can't part with it!
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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
"not waiting until marriage".
Yep, same here
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My mother didn't approve of me getting a cat. She was worried that I might trip over him.
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Nothing...unless you count living with Pat for 11 years before we got married.
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Oh my lord- my mom would stroke if she knew 1/2 the things i did when i was younger
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Um, yeah- back in high school, I was NAUGHTY
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My mother has never approved of anything I have EVER done...

Except get married, and I guess I can agree with her on that one
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Oh yes, and that's all I'll say.
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Oh, yah... who hasn't?!
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I think my mother dissapproved of me for quite a few years. After I moved out we started getting along until she passed. I think we would be a lot better now had she not passed.
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