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Pics of Misty

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Here's a few pictures that I took of Misty last night and this morning. I know they're not the greatest pics, lol, but they give u an idea of where she is and how cute she is! lol She showed up in at my back door in september, skinny, not too dirty, and starving, she was I gues around 3-4 months old! I instantly fell in love with her! She purred the whole night through that first night! lol the first one is a pic of when she was younger, I think it was taken the night that she came to me. The next ones are the recent ones.

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She is precious! She does look "in the family way" to me.
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Look we see her baby picture hehehe. She is a beauty and I have to say she does look prego in the last few. hmmm
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Misty is adorable!
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She is precious!!
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