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She was up in the clothes closet the other day SOrry for it being so small
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A logical place for a kitty to be! She's adorable.
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She is so beautiful
Reminds me of my Roxane.

Tish +
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They find the best hiding places. I just love her face.
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How pretty!! She has such beautiful eyes!!!!
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Awwwww she's gorgeous
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What a pretty kitty! I love those inquisitive eyes.
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That's one photogenic kitty. Don't they look adorable when they kind of 'gaze' into middle distance . . . ?

Ladyhawk - I LOVE you Avatar, how'd you get the kitty to move like that?
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What puurty green eyes! Tigger looks like the name fits her very well.
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What a lovely kitty, and fantastic eyes

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How come all cats love closets so much ...
last week , I discovered Maya in the middle of the shoe-closet ...
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She's so pretty!

Closets do indeed hold a special fascination for them. Trent is my closet kitty, and he thinks he has every reasonable right to be there, anywhere, in the closet.
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Heidi, When he comes out of the closet is he going to announce that he's really a dog in cat's fur? (Sorry, don't throw that at me!)
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Tigger...Very pretty kitty. I agree with everyone, she has beautiful eyes.

Now Jeanie.......behave! (pssst....that IS funny!!!! LOL)
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You know, I thought about all the bad puns of the cats coming out of the closet, but I just left it there. Bad me. I should have known Jeanie would pounce on that one! (It was funny!)
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