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Feeding My Kitten

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Since I got my kitten at one month old, I've fed him Iams Dry Kitten food mixed with a little bit of canned. I would also put a little bit of water to soften the dry food because I would worry that his teeth are not strong enough. I would also put a little extra things such as chicken broth, a little bit of cooked chicken, and some vegetables such as corn, peas, and carrots, and my Jake would eat everything. Am I doing right? I was told that milk would cause my cat diarrea. But people have been giving milk to cats forever. Is it really that bad? What other foods should I not feed him? Sometimes I would give him cooked beef or pork and some broth. Also thought about giving him hard boiled eggs. Please give me some advice. He is two months old now.

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Hi Nena,
It isn't necessary to moisten the dry food for your kitten. In fact, I would say not to do it because one of the benefits of dry kibble is that it helps to keep the teeth strong (this is true even with humans-crunchy foods help keep teeth strong). Many people (myself included) believe that the dry food also helps to remove some debris from the teeth. Don't worry, his little teeth will be strong enough. It's just a matter of whether he has become accustomed to the moistened stuff and whether he will still accept the dry kibble alone. I like to keep my kitten, Charlie on a mostly dry kibble diet, supplemented with two or three cans of wet food per week (in a separate bowl from the dry).
As far as giving him people food, most vets agree that your cat should not have too much human food in his diet. It is something that you and your vet should talk about and decide what is best for your kitty. People are always saying nowadays that milk is no good for them. I always thought like you: people have been giving milk to cats forever...I really don't know...that's another question for a vet that you trust. My first cat, Sydney used to love milk, but I tried to give some to Charlie once, and he didn't like it so that was the end of that.

Hope this helped...
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I think he is accustomed to the wet food. How do I go about trying to make him eat the kibble?
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I guess the only way is to just serve him the plain kibble and keep your fingers crossed. If he's hungry, he will eat it. He's still very young and not as set in his ways as an adult cat. (hopefully)
It may break your heart, but if you really want him to have some dry food in his diet, that's the only way that I can think of.
I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. My cat has always eaten mainly dry food and he loves it. Sometimes even when I give him some of the canned stuff, he will go for the dry.
I have my fingers crossed for ya.
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My little one did not want to touch kibble at first so what I did was add a little dry to his wet and over a period of time increased the dry and decreased the wet until he ate only dry. This worked fine for me. Now I give him 1-2 spoon full of wet as a treat. Good luck
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Sounds like a good idea!
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Thanks for the advice. I will try to do this.
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I have good news. I stopped feeding Jake wet food every day. I feed him twice a week with a bowl full of the canned food(The smaller cans). The rest of the week I feed him only dry. He is not a big eater but he will eat it.
I guess when he is hungry, we will eat anything. I almost thought it was the brand of food and almost decided to switch food. But thank goodness I did't because I don't want to feed him any cheap brands.
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Glad it worked out for you.
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