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Mom's to Oz, Loving Cats Need New Homes

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Lovable, sweet-natured, healthy & fixed felines need to join other
families. I rescued them (and others who wandered into my yard -- we're
near a little league ballpark, where folks tired drop off unwanted
critters, or they find their way over, lost & looking for food), but now
they need kind-hearted folks to rescue them again.

Recently divorced, I'm leaving the country & can't bear the thought of
them in Oz Quarantine or in a shelter here, feeling unloved/unwanted, when
they have so much to give...

Pictures and descriptions of the cats are here:


Thanks for looking & even thinking of adding a needy, purring cat to your
life... and you to theirs,
Didi (whirrdz@bigfoot.com)
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I do hope you'll find good homes for all of them!

By the way, where do you live now?
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I'm in the Marion County region of North Central Florida. I have contacted a number of the "No Kill" Cat Rescue Groups in this area & all have either>not returned phone calls or told me that there was no room for "older" non-exotic cats. I was told outright by one woman that I should just give up trying to place them with a "No Kill" Adoption Shelter & put them to sleep because they are inundated in this area & have had an influx of exotic felines as well as kittens were birthed late this year.

That's when I decided to turn to the web. Many cat-lovers here have been very kind, but so far I've not found homes for any of the 9 I still need to place. I believe I have found homes for 4 with friends. Two of the cats would do better as outdoor pets or on local farms (Anthony/Ocala area is horse farm region), but so far, no luck there either.

I've been taking in & rescuing stray animals (& fixing them) for more than 20 years & I've never been in this type of a situation before where I couldn't keep them with me, as I've never left the country, only traveled from state-to-state. but now I'm going to Australia for an extended stay & the issue of Quarantine comes up
(let alone the prohibitive cost).

Thanks so much for your response, Anne.

I look forward to any advice or assistance you might offer.

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No-kill shelters are always full...

How long would the quarantine be? Maybe you could take just 2-3 cats with you?

Sorry, I can't really think of any other solution. It must be so sad to have to part with your cats.
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Yeah, I've tried the "No Kill" Shelters, but I still have a month, so perhaps...

Anyway, Quarantine is a minimum of 30 days (during which we'd still havce to pay for their food & board) & all sorts of hoops & paperwork to jump through (& if here's any tiny mafunction along the way, they euthanize the animal immediately) along with a more than 24 hour plane ride (plus another from here to LA, and of course, paying for those too). So, Nope, I can't even really afford to take one.

It's astronomical, but I did do a cost on one & can't afford it (him/her), also it seems terribly cruel & I've read that many animals simply don't make it through the process at all (or if they do, they're never the same).

Anyway, thanks for replying.

I'll be happiest if I can find other good homes: Found one from an ad on Yahoo! My big sweetie, Mr. Pudgens looks just like a feline friend a 12 year-old girl & her Mom lost a few years ago. They want him to come live with them (& another cat or two, I think) in Orlando, Florida!

So, that's homes for 5 of the 13 I still have living with me & two were ones I'd kept for my daughter (I called her & told her she needed to find their homes)... so I'm about half-way there!

I'm determined to find good homes for the 6 others & I've had lots of interest in my aquatic turtles (many breeders & "business-people" to weed out from the ones who'd care fore them as pets, though)! I recommend Yahoo! with pictures (they break up the ads into regions, so you get local interest) if anyone
has to part with their loves pets in a similar situation to mine.

Must get back to it. Thanks again.


Wishing you & yours a happy & safe holiday season,
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