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He's dying & I can't catch him!  

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One of my outside semi-ferals is in a window-well off my house. He's meowming an awful noise. Can't use his front feet, they just won't function..they like curl underneath him. I can't fit a trap in there with him. He has got to be in so much pain right now.

I need to catch him so he can die humanely at the vet, ASAP. How?
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Not ideal, but is there any way you can gently drop a blanket over him and pick him up wrapped in it to get him into a carrier? Just thinking that it sounds as if he's not going to be able to run away but the darkness of the blanket would help him not to panic too much and would protect you from scratches and bites. Can you reach him at all? I am trying to envisage a small window well and the image isn't really coming to me iykwim, so I am not sure how much help that idea is
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It's like 5-10 feet down. I can't think right now. Anytime I try to get in there, he starts scrambling to try to get out...which makes him scream worse. I just wanna end this...but I cannot catch the poor guy. I can try tossing a blanket down, I tossed a paper plate of food down...dunno if he's eating or not...
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My mom is on her way home. Still don't know how we're gonna catch him, but hopefully with 2 people we can.
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Good luck, I can't imagine how awful it must be to hear him in pain like that And awful for him to be in pain of course

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Poor kitty!

And poor you! That has to be so difficult! I hope you are able to catch him so he can be humanely put out of his misery!
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If you can get down into the gap take a blanket down with you and a pillow case,
throw the blanket over him if you can and then try to put him in the pillow case.
Tie the top and lift him up to your mum.
If the gap isn't big enough to get down there,you could try calling round your
neighbours to see if they have a landing net thats used in fishing and try to net him
and lift him out.You'd just have to be ready for if he tries to make a run for it.
I think if there's no other way to get him then I would call the fire dept,
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Mom stepped down in there & just grabbed him. He's going to the vet right now. He'll be gone soon. There's nothing left to his front legs. Mom has to go to the doctor after she gets done at the vet, he bit her good. I'm going to post in the RB now.
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Just reading this breaks my heart, I know that it had to be hard on you just hearing him cry, I wish there was something else I could say that might help you.

I am glad that you and your mom got him out.
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OMG - I am so, so, so sorry for this poor kitty! I am so glad your mum was able to get him so he can die quickly. My heart goes out to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awww, very sad situation, but at least you are able to end his suffering
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Here is the link to my Rainbow Bridge post in his honor.
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That's so awful, poor little guy and poor you.
I can't even imagine how upset you must have been hearing him cry.
Bless your Mom's heart, please let us know how she is.

I wish I knew what else I could say, I know how hard it is but at least he's out of pain now and he's happy.
He knew that you and your Mom were doing your best to help him and take his pain away.
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OMG what a terrible thing to have to deal with my heart goes out to you all for managing to sort the situation
I am pleased that your mum was able to get the little fella - bless him - he will have crossed by now to a happier place where he can play forever

Take care !
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Out of respect for Bobbity Bob's passing, I will now close this thread.

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