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sandwich maker

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I bought a sandwich maker yesterday ........ You can make hot sandwiches, burritos and hot pockets on them. I got it from Target, and it was only $9.99. Then, hubby said i could go & buy the George Foreman grill, so I went & got that, too .. I got the large grill w/ the bun warmer. I'm debating whether or not to take the sandwich maker back, because I am wondering if you can make grilled cheese sandwiches on the Foreman grill ...... I am sure you can
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Oh baby, yes you can! If it weren't for grilled cheese on the Foreman, mine would get no use at all!
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How do they turn out as compare to cooking them on the pan? Less greasey?
I think I will take the other one back, then, since there is no need to have 2 things capable of doing the same!
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I love my Foreman grill!! I don't think I ever tried grilled cheese, but I use it to make toast. Grilled veggies are also yummy on it, chicken and fish turn out really good, too.
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How long do you cook a piece of boneless chicken for? I have never cooked chicken before......... Actually, I do not cook so I could use all the help I can get
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I guess the grilled cheese is less greasy than in the pan. As for boneless chicken, maybe 10 minutes or so. I can't really remember off the top of my head. I usually just keep an eye on it, although it is faster, since it gets heat from both sides.
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I got one for my daughter last Christmas. I think it would be handy for fixing quick dinners when you get home from work. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, frozen entrees...I think it would be great for a working mom. The bun warmer should be great!
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what's the tip for making grilled cheese's? I just made it & smashed it to almost nothing Do you know push the lid all the way down?
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Hmmmmm...I've never made grilled cheese on mine, that's something I will have to try!! I love it for steak and chicken though!
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I close the lid, but I don't smash it down, per se. I guess, being a big grilled cheese fan, it tastes the same if it's a little flat.
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But it seems to taste better if it's plumped a bit, cut on the diagonal, and served with a dill pickle! Have you tried a slice of tomato inside the sandwich? mmmmm
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I have a George Foreman grill and it is awesome!! All the time we cook steak, chicken pork chops on it. I haven't tried sandwiches yet, but I'm sure they turn out really good. Has anyone cooked Salmon on the grill? We eat that all the time and I'm sure if I cooked it on there it would be much faster.
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The George Foreman grill is awesome

You throw your meat in some marinade, come home throw it on the grill for just a few minutes and your meal is made! I love it! The only thing I hate about it is the clean-up. I found if you clean it while it is still hot it is easier to clean.

As for sandwich making, never tried it on the grill, but I love those little sandwich makers. Is it the kind that seals the sandwiches? I think having both appliances is a good thing. You can make the grilled cheese pockets and pizza pockets and other type things on one, and grilled chicken and steak and fish and veggies on the other! Best of both worlds! I guess I was no help at all.

As to chicken on the grill, I think at medium heat, one boneless skinless chicken breast is like 8.5 minutes. Isn't that great??? Also, you can buy a big pack of chicken, cook it up and then freeze it in individual servings, and when you want some chicken you just take it from the freezer and heat it. I do this somethimes and take it for lunch to throw in a salad, or so I don't have to cook when I get home, just toss in the toaster oven or microwave and it heats in no time, and little or no clean-up . Sorry. I am single, can you tell?
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Don't have the Grill, yet, but I do have a sandwich maker. I LOVE my sandwich maker! What I used to do (when I was single...) was make a whole bunch of sandwiches, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, etc. freeze them, and bring them to work for lunch. Heat em up and wha-la! Hot Sammie for lunch!

Now why is it that once I got married all my planning ahead went out the window?
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Hmmmm........ maybe I will keep the sandwich maker; after all it was only $9.99
I have never marinated anything ....... Do you put the chicken pieces in a bowl & then soak it in the maranade? Sorry, I will be new to all of this.
I thought if I like this, I could also get that Turbo Cooker deal.... I saw at Target, they lowered the price.
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I marinate things in a zip loc bag - it keeps alot of the germs out. A great marinade for steak is soya, honey and garlic. For chicken, mustard, mayo and spices. Yum! I have pork marinating right now in a szechen peanut sauce (store bought).
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Yes, marinating is basically just soaking the meat in a liquid of some sort. Now a days you can buy all kinds of marinades in the store, or you can make your own like adymarie. You can use the plastic bag method, or in a bowl. I usually pierce the meat with a fork before putting it in the marinade that way the good stuff gets into the meat, and the longer you marinate the better flavor it has, I usually put the meat in the marinade the night before that way I get a good 12-16 hour soak. Some marinades only want 30 minutes.

I personally like to marinate chicken in Italian dressing. Not creamy mind you, but the more traditional oil and vinegar base Italian. I use the store bought kind and it gives the chicken a nice kick, and the spices are already in the dressing. I have also used Parmesean peppercorn as a marinade, that is a creamier dressing and it turned out well. As for steak I use a combination of teryaki sauce, soya, and a little sugar. Yum!
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I prefer to do my grilled cheese in a sandwich maker! It's shape is just right for extra cheesey pocketness!! A Forman grill is really messy when it comes to grilled cheese! Beside you can't make a camp pie with a forman! The best is to buy some cherry pie filling, and put it between two slices of bread, and put it in your sandwich maker! It works great for blue berry too!
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This sounds nasty.....

But its yummy........

2 slices of white bread
2 slices of American Cheese
2 tablespoons of Strawberry Jelly

Stacking order = Bread, cheese, Jelly, Cheese, Bread

Grill + Eat!

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I just made chicken quesadillas. I used a store bought garlic lime marinade (Cuban style) and marinated my chicken overnight, then grilled it on the Foreman grill. Add a few tortillas, some cheese, sour cream, onions and peppers. Yummy, and not terrible fattening.
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