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Wellness or Nature's Variety

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I have been introducing my kitties to canned food along with their dry food and they LOVE the Solid Gold Tuna, but I am trying to see what else I can feed them so I can rotate the tuna with other flavors so as not to raise picky eaters. I'd like to try them with a few to see what they like best before I go out and buy a 12 or 24 pack.

They seem to like the Wellness, most flavors (Chicken and Lobster was not a hit), but I was wondering about your thoughts on Nature's Variety. I notice that all of the canned foods from Nature's Variety contain garlic...???

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My babies have been eating Wellness canned food for years, though it is not the only food I give them. They get other brands, as well as fresh cooked food. Their favorite Wellness flavors are Chicken, Turkey and Turkey & Salmon.

Wellness does contain a trace amount of garlic, which I know concerns some people. I did speak with my vets about the garlic - they aren't worried and I have to say that my cats, at all different life stages, the eldest with some health problems, have done just fine on the food. Still, you have to be comfortable with all the ingredients, and if garlic worries you, I guess you'll be looking for another brand of food to feed.

I haven't tried Nature's Variety.
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Oh, I didn't even notice Wellness had garlic. My cats have been doing fine on it...hmmm.
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I didn't realize Nature's Variety had garlic in it! I've used it off and on for a couple of years, mostly because all 3 of my cats have IBD and Nature's Variety is a high-quality food and comes in different novel proteins.
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