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CarolPetunia that was such a funny story! It brought back memories of me and my Barbie days.
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Kim, I think a lot of kids try it when they are younger they (luckily) get caught and are embarrassed out of it or just grow out of it.
You wouldn't even believe what I have done in my days, you would think I was such a delinquent that you wouldn't even talk to me, I was horrible be glad she is a good kid and doesn't do what she could be doing (and this will probley cure her of being sticky fingered) I hope you feel better about it soon!
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...You are not a bad parent, just a parent with a teenager...

Denice - that said it!!!

I loved Carol Petunia's story with the Barbies. That is so cute! And Stevie, Lesley, Linda, Lei, Fran, Sicycat, Hope - gosh just everybody for chiming in - I just really appreciate everything.

I think I was a little worried because last summer I wrote that she had a friend pierce her lip and got a lot of feedback that I wasn't strict enough and I was thinking - geez, if I'd locked her up when she pierced her lip this never would have happened!! (And I was so proud of the way I had handled that one, LOL.)

She's pretty contrite, and helped out a lot at home yesterday so that she can earn the money for her fine.
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Oh 14 Mid-teen change No fun intended, I think they go through a stage epically when they have been good up till then. Last year My now 18 yr old Grandson went from a A Gifted student to almost not having like 4 or 5 credits he needed to Graduate. We were like "WHAT" I think sometimes when they live the way we want them to they just get this idea Ah I think I wanna be a jerk for a minute and they do. I'm sure that once she's realizes that what she did was not becoming, funny or smart she will be fine.. Grandson did good he's in Collage now working and towing that straight an narrow ( Except for what we don't know) Good luck!! Being firm with the restrictions works wonders My Daughter and SIN are very firm with that, you have to let them know what is expected from the time they can hear Lots of be good vibes for your daughter I hate to say these numbers but wait till she's 18 MAGIC numbers they think they KNOW IT ALL
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I got caught shoplifting twice as a kid by store security and once by my uncle after the fact. I was handcuffed and walked through the store and out the front entrance both times. The first time my mom picked me up. I pulled the wool over her eyes and convinced her I would never do it again. Yeah, right!

My parents didn't have much money and I had an older cousin that shoplifted a lot. I think I may have stolen before hanging around my cousin but I can't remember. I do know that hanging around him and seeing him do it made me feel like it was ok to do and I should do it to.

The second time I got caught shoplifting was a bit more memorable. My parents and siblings left for a family vacation in Florida and I was left at home. I was supposed to leave the next day to go to a camp with my church. LOL

Anyway, when I was at the police station, my closest relatives were my aunt and uncle. The officer called them and my uncle picked me up. At the time, my uncle was an active US Marine. He is now retired after 20 years of service. He spent a few of his years in the Marines as a drill instructor. There is nothing scarier than a 6'2"-6'4", 220lb+ drill instructor from the Marines chewing your ass off in a loud deep voice that will set you straight.

Anyway, I was a good kid. I shoplifted as a kid but outgrew it or has it scared out of me. I've turned in to a fine adult. Scare the Jeebus out of your daughter and don't worry about it. She'll turn out fine I'm sure.
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I think all kids will try to push their limits to how much they can get away with. I never stole cuz I knew I wouldn't sit down for a month, but I did back talk as much as I could get away with.

I remember being 12 years old and sitting in the passenger seat in our family van...my mom was driving and my sisters were in the back. My mom was making me really mad (I don't remember how or over what) but I remember thinking what if I say this...and so I said to my mom "Go to Hell" kind of meekly, waiting for a slap across the mouth or something...but in stead she laughed. After that in my mind it gave me permission to talk like that.

Just put your foot down big time and she may (probably) never do it again.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. You are a good parent because you are addressing this now. I do think it is a good idea to let her take the consequences of her actions from the authorities.

I also think you could sit down with her and try to find out what she was thinking. You've mentioned that your kids have lost some friends recently. See if she is stressed, following the crowd, or just not thinking. If she opens up, help her to find a way to prevent it from happening again.

I'm saying a prayer for you both.
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