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hard stool

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Hey there,
I have a quick kitten question.
Dynha is now 5 months old, and I've had her since she was 1 week. She's always had reliable fecies, but things are starting to change.
When I change the litter, she likes to hop in half way through and do some business. Last time I was cleaning, she happened to have a poo. When I went to clean it up though, it was harder than I would like (not rock hard, but not soft enough).
She is offered 1/4 of a can of authority twice a day, and usually eats about half of that and then finshes off chesters adult formula (whatever he leaves in the dish). Otherwise they eat 1/4 of a cup of dry Natural Balance twice a day. There is pleanty of water available, and she loves our fountain (catit).
My concern is her starting to get constipated this young. I've had a cat in the past who was prone to constipation and I know it can lead to health problems (and discomfort). So far she doesn't seem to be in pain when she goes, but I'd rather prevent than wait.
Any thoughts on how to soften her stool? I'd like her to eat more wet kitten, but she refuses more than half of what I give her, it's almost like she gets bored (I think it may be insitnctual stuff) and I can't leave it out because Chester is overweight with a heart condition and is on a diet. I've also tried different brands, all of which she's rejected.
Thanks for any ideas
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You can try giving her some canned pumpkin (the kind with no spices) or some extra fiber (like unflavored metamucil or benefiber). Sometimes that will help with stool consistency. Does she drink much water?
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I would also suggest mixing some of the plain canned pumpkin (tsp. a day to start) in with her food - it should help.
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right, but isn't that a short term solution? certainly she wont be eating pumpkin in her wet for the rest of her life.
She's drinking a bunch, any ways that you can think of to promote it though?
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To promote intake of water, you can try a water fountain, or you can place different sized and shaped containers of water in spots around the house. Willow prefers to drink out of a glass or cup, while Odo hardly drinks anything at all.
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I tried adding a little bit of water to her wetfood tonight, she seemed to eat the same amount, but at least shes getting some extra water that way. We have a catit in the apartment already, but I might take your suggestion and put a bowl in my bedroom as well. Only problem is, I'd probably step in it Oh, and she's also prone to tipping bowls, so I'll have to be choosy.

Sorry if I sounded curt earlier, it was unintended but I realised afterwards that it could have been read that way. School and stomach aches due to school are getting to me. Thanks again
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fortiflora works for my kitters. as well as canned pumpkin. . . i wouldn't think that it's a bad thing to have your cats on either for any length of time.
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What about a squeeze of Hartz hairball rememdy every couple of days?
And our cats both get Medical high fibre diet kibble mixed in with their regular kibble. Just a little, and they'll eat it ok. One tends toward constipation, the other looseness.
I also mix water in with Pushy's wet food to increase his liquid intake, that seems to help.
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I hadden't thought of the hairball meds, but now that you mention it she was coughing on one the other day. That would correspond with the season too, explaining why she'd start firming up without food changes.
I'll pick some up tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, maybe consider the high fiber like you suggested.
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As for the water dishes, none of mine are on the floor because I know I'd step in them. Willow's glass is on the window sill, the metal bowl is on the bookcase, and there's a glass bowl on the fireplace for the rare time Odo wants to drink.
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