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This is my other sister's pet.. her name is Rosa and she's a cutie

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Aww... what a cute puppy face!
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Aww she is a total doll!
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Aww, what a sweet little face!
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Awww, what little dollbaby!
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OMG. I just love her.. Is she a lab?
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I think she might be part lab. I'm not real sure.. but she does look like it. She was about 3 to 4 months old when I that pic.. so she is probably bigger now lol. My sister doesn't bring her over often because it scares the cats lol.
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o my look at that cutie def does look like she has lab in her though
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What a cutie. She sure has an intellegent looking expression.
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Aww!! What a sugar pie!! If shes a lab, she probly is really huge now.
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Where's the cuteness warning on that???? Oh my, what a honey pie
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aww what a precious sweetie, give her some ear scrubs from us
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Awww, what a little sweetie!!
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