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my cat is sick

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I'm worried about my cat, Callie. She's a calico / tortoise shell mix and she's only about two years old. She came from my Gramma's farm when she was a kitten and since then she's been an indoor cat. She's scared of the outside ever since my neighbour's dog attacked her.

The thing is, she's sick! Or something's wrong with her. The first hint was that she pooped on my brother's bed. She's litter box trained, and has been even before we brought her to her house, so it's really weird. Then I found her upstairs on my brother's bed about to poop again! I don't know why she keeps wanting to poop on his bed, but it's a real problem.

The other thing is that she sometimes goes around like she's about to vomit, and yesterday she did vomit in the basement.

And she hasn't been eating as much as she used to.

She's also shedding like crazy but I figure it's because of spring coming.

I know these are common symptoms, but does anyone know what I could do to help her?
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You need to get her to the vet. It may be a food allergy or something like that, but then it could also be something serious. When a cat goes outside the litter box, there is a reason. Especially if she is vomiting. Please get her to the vet to get checked out and let us know what you find out.
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I'd get the cat to a vet as PaulaS suggests- it might not be anything serious but if it is you have more chance if you catch it early
Keeping fingers crossed for you
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It's possible she has a hairball that is having a difficult time passing through. A vet visit is a good idea to rule out more serious problems, but in the meantime you can try some hairball goop.
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