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Singa is sick

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Hey all
Singa (1.5 yrs,f) is behaving strangely and I don't know what it is...

I cam home yesterday and her left eye was infected. She kept on blinking and there was a lot of puss in it. I had noticed that 2 days back she had stopped eating properly, but I thought that was because she was annoyed by Soleil (our little 9 week old kitten,f).

Anyhow, brought her in to emergency at the vet's as I wasn't too sure how bad it was. The vet checked from head to toe and could only detect a mild eye infection - NOTHING else.

Singa got treated and I need to give her eye drops as well as vitamin B12 everyday. Also the vet recommended locking Soleil away for a while. Did all, but she still hasn't touched her food yet (almost 24hrs since the vet visit). It worries me.

Any ideas??
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Is she eating any treats you have put out?

Sending get well vibes to Singa
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Not tried the treat, but she doesn't even go for Mackerel & Sardines, which is her FAVORITE.
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Did you tell the vet that she wasnt eating?? This could be serious and you should make sure she is not dehydrated by gently lifting the scruff of her neck and letting go. If it takes more than like 2 seconds to fall back down then you need to get some fluids in her. You could syringe her some water or soft food. You could try plain meat baby food, most sick cats will eat that. I would not let her go any longer without eating though.
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Yes I told the vet everything, that is why she checked Singa from head to toe (took about 1.5 hrs). They made a blood test and even checked for FIV and Felv. But they couldn't detect anything.
Two of the blood values are a bit higher: Glucose (due to stress) and Total Protein (due to being a bit dehydrated).
The Vitamin B is in syrup-form, and it is supposed to boost her appetite a bit. Yesterday late eve, she ate a small bit of wet - maybe a quarter or half of those tiny cans. But at least she ate a bit. But she didn't groom herself afterwards...

Weird thing is that she will come to sniff at the food. She will follow me as if she was hungry and then sniff and leave (as if she didnt like the food although it is her favorite).

One thing I noticed is that she does this 'chewing' motion with her jaw... opening and closing it, but just slightly. she will do this for 10 seconds or so and then stop. Any ideas what this could be??? The vet checked her gum for infection and its all fine according to her, so I don't think that Singa's mouth is hurting...
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Did she check her temp?
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Did she check her temp?

but i have good news. She started eating more yesterday Her eye has gotten a bit better and I think she is feeling better. She even played with Soleil for 15 min last night.
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Am glad to hear that.
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