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question regarding kittens

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My brother and his wife adopted a 2 month old cat a few months back. She is quite petite, but very healthy. Well, at about 5 months old she went into heat and got pregnant. The didn't know they had to spay her so young, in fact their vet said wait till about 7 months.

Fast forward, she had 4 kittens about a month ago. Now this cat is very small, I'm talking MAYBE 5 lbs. She is just a kitten herself in all honesty. She is taking marvelous care of the kittens, very good momma kitty. Here is the dilemma, momma cat is very thin and getting weak feeding all these kittens. You can see her bones, we were there last night and when I picked her up she felt so thin.

The kittens are 4 weeks now, and the vet said my brother should go ahead and adopt out the kittens at 6 weeks so the mom can start to recover and get spayed, etc. He said by 6 weeks they would do fine on their own.

I kept Sunsine's kittens until 10 weeks, but they weren't nursing anymore by then. So is 6 weeks ok?

Isn't that too young???????????? Or will they be better off w/o her since she is appearing to go downhill??

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In the most ideal situation, 10-12 weeks is best. But we dont have that with your brother's cat. Kittens drain a mother of calcium, and many other vitimins for their own needs. Your brother's cat needs to regain what she can. Also she will be going back into heat soon again. Which at this point may make her annimic. Also having a litter so early has stopped her growth and weakened her teeth.

I would go to my vet/petstore and get a suppliment, like Nutra Cal paste for mom and babies. Wean them off on milk suppliments or goat milk which I prefer. And spay!

After they are weaned, make sure you worm her and keep her on the suppliments for at least 6 months after the spaying.....

Thank you for caring for your little furniece!

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