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Police in high schools

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I was listening to my usual daily show on the way home from work today. It's a current affairs show that talks about Australian and world issues - but today the main story was about a new initiative in Australia to help `improve relations' between police and teenagers, by having specially trained police officers visit high schools on a regular basis, interact with the students, and be available to give advice and answer questions about the kinds of issues that face teenagers, and also to try to prevent them from getting into trouble with police.

When I was at high school (15+ years ago) this would have seemed ludicrous, but today, with teenagers facing so many more pressures, difficulties and responsibilites, with drugs and sex rife from the age of 11 upwards, I think it's a fantastic idea.

They interviewed a lot of teenagers who agreed, and who had some very interesting things to say. Some of them thought a police presence should be there on a weekly basis, another girl (12 years old!) said that she felt that police visiting too often would allow the students to get to know them too well, and therefore be able to manipulate them somewhat (remarkable child).

What's your view? Does this happen where you're from? Do you think it should?
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The school system in my town has their own police force about 30 of them. Granted the school system is fairly large from my experience (not the largest by far in the area but still huge to me). These officers can pull you over for speeding pretty much anywhere in town/county and carry guns just like the city cops. They act as traffic directors when school is starting and ending each day and reguarly patrol the school halls and the grounds. Im not sure how many schools there are in my district but in my town alone there are at least 10 that i know of. There are prob more in the county.

I think its a good thing-- At the primary school my son attends (960+ kids)-- there is a lady officer (she can be really mean to parents but is awesome with kids) who handles that school mostly. We see her everyday to and from school.

At my nephews school (100+ kids, special programs school) there are two officers bc the kids are older and some are considered potential "hazards" to the community (thats not the word i wanted to use but thats all that came to mind at the moment.

Where I grew up (whole school was less than 500 kids (k-12) ) the cops were only there on DARE days or if the chicken processing plants had a fire or something dangerous like that. They were only there to help evacuate us. But then again, it was a different world then & there too.

I think its a good thing. It helps the kids know that they can trust those officers and can go to them should they need help.
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It's pretty common in the Detroit schools here. Not so much the suburbs, but where there is high crime, there are school officers and metal detectors.
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I think its a great idea. Anything to get kids ot trust the police and to help them steer clear of trouble is great. We have them in schools around here for security reasons but I think it helps with public relations too.
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Now I graduated from high school ten years ago, but we had a police officer there at least once a week for teaching purposes. He did the DARE program and when we were Seniors he did a campus safety lecture that was really helpful.
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Personally, I think that schools should be run like Boot Camp and the teachers should be Drill Instructors.
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We had an outreach Officer in my high school-- I graduated 4 years ago. He was a good guy...he didn't run around arresting people (although, we had a few pot-being-kept-in-the-locker incidents) but he was a good person to talk to as well as a good deterrant. In my junior high and elementary schools, there was a DARE officer in the building a couple times a week.

I never felt unsafe in my school, but honestly, I'm not sure if having the Officer there had much to do with that.
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I dont think its a bad idea. If the staff feel its needed...then i am sure it is. sometimes its just not the students safety thats is a problem.
Having police on the campus might really show kids the reality to whats really going on and just how accountable they will need to be for there actions.

I dont think teachers/staff and officers should be the one telling these kids right from wrong, thats the parents job, but i am sure they have resources parents cannot always have access to.
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Well I live in the Uk and there are some schools who have a police officer on the
premises all day.
They're not armed (btw) they are there because there have been 'problems' with kids
pulling knives on teachers,assaults on them and other kids.

I think in todays society they are needed,Kids in the Uk who don't get any disipline
at home and don't know the 'boundaries or limits of their behaviour' then the only place
they are going to get that is school and lets be honest it isn't a teachers job to instill
good morals and behaviour.That is up to the parents.
But IMO the 'laws' in this country have taken away parents rights to disipline their
So it's only right the government put people(police officers) in place to prevent the
troublesome kids from getting out of control.
My ex's nephew goes to a school like that and he has said that he used to get bullied
all the time and now the ' bad boys' ' don't cause trouble anymore.
So I think they're a good thing.
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well lets see we had our regular security gaurds at our school which every one knew, but well at my junior high we did have a police there all the time and well I knew him and talked to the cops because my brother was also a security gaurd there or the cops just strike convos with the students sometimes, but at my highschool they had a cop there all the time, and well from what I heard my school had payed the one police department so their can be a cop there 24/7 durring school hours ( what can I say our school is bad, the only thing our school gets credditted for is our football team ) But i can say there wasnt that much interaction with the cops at the school unless u were in trouble or u actually knew the cop or u were in trouble alot but having a cop always at our school didnt really seem to affect the student life that much u still had all the same trouble and fights, and last year i know they raised the price for if u are fighting EVEN if the person started hitting u, u and the other person have to pay $600 each So that right there stopped a lot of kids, kids around here arent that intimidated by the police I can tell u this tho the fine and the cops is wat really kept me outta trouble well some trouble last year

but I think having cops come in and speak to the students or vice versa is somewhat of a good idea I am kind of weary about it though because u dont want them to get too comfortable with the students and everything, u know !

But another part of me says its a good thing because well students might actually learn what some consequences and things are if the cops tell them certain things and what can happen and what not

but my nephew who is in 1st grade this year got hit, he got pushed from behind and the other kid who was also in 1st grade just started hitting him I was so shocked to hear that too, and the parents were mad when my nephew didnt get in trouble when he didnt even do anything back Some parents these days, so I am actually liking this idea of cops explaining things to kids and everything and trying to keep them out of trouble

Also kids I went to school with got in a fight and the one shot the other 2 and u will never believe me when I tell u the reason it was for a PS2 and a game and they were all friends so I am kind of in favor of this but I am used to actually cops and metal detectors in my school because it was a bad school so to speak
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I went to high school in rich white suburbia as they call it, but we had three full-time security people and one full-time police officer whose office was in the school, plus a couple part time ones. We had about 3,000 students, 4 principals, etc.

She mostly dealt with theft and drugs, but on a few instances worse things like attempted suicides.

But I do think it's a good idea to have them interacting with students more often in general.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Personally, I think that schools should be run like Boot Camp and the teachers should be Drill Instructors.
I agree - some of the parents should be forced to attend as well.
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