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Trixie is our little old lady.
She is a mix with some Corgi in her.
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Trixie you are just adorable!
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i remember when yall got trixie "forever ago" she was so little that she couldnt fit the tennis ball in her mouth remember lol now shes all grown up and "dont you touch her tennis ball" hahahahaha i love you trixie!!!!
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Awwwwwwwww, I have a Trixie too! Your Trixie is just to cute for words!!
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She's absolutely gorgeous!
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She looks very content all wrapped up in her shawl.
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Awww, what a sweet looking girl!
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Aww~Trixie is so pretty. And just how old is she??
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Trixie is 14 years old. She is such a love.
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awe she is such a adorable
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Hehe - she's giving you THE LOOK in that photo.

I love it!
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aww what a little sweetie look at her eyes awwww
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Awww! She's soo cute!!!
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She is our old lady - lives with my folks. She is almost always in either the kitchen or laying on her HUGE bed and covered with her shawl.
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Aww, Trixie you are a cutie.
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Aww what a beautiful sweet Trixie.
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Trixie is very pretty!
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