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Really need help...ASAP!!! PLEASE REPLY!

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One of the kittens that I just saw isn't moving very much and is cold did move a bit, but I don't think will be surviving long...what can I do?
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the only thing i can suggest is wrap it in a blanket and try your best to keep it warm, once warm try lacthing him on to mum , a cold kitten wont feed. aw im sorry if this dosnt help
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Is there an emergency vet you can call for advice? All I know is you have to keep them warm.
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Everyone is climbing on mom, that one included searching for nipples...
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Hope it works out okay then
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oh thank god , still keeping fingers crossed that all the kittens stay healthy
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She (calico, must be a she) feels warmer now, but she is real lazy and not loud like the others. But, being born is tiring work so I am leaving it alone for now since she is warm.
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Sorry, I'm late!!!

1. Hot water bottle or electric blanket
2. Syringefeed KMR least 2 ccs
If that works, keep going. IF not, wish him well on his way.

I'm sorry for your troubles
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yea , as long as she is warm and seems to be suckling from mum i wouldnt worry to much at this point. just make sure she dosnt get pushed aside from her litter mates while they get all the good milk lol.
out little black one i have to keep checking on her as she is so very quiet and hardly moves , just sleeps and feeds lol
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I hope this finds the little kitty doing better.

Please keep us updated on all the kitties too
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Poor little girl. Hope she is doing better now. Keep us posted.
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I've been thinking about her. Let us know how she is dong when you can.
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Please let us know how the little kitty is doing.
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Originally Posted by LSULOVER View Post
Please let us know how the little kitty is doing.
just coming to this . . . I didnt know hope alls well with the little one
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how is the kitten this morning one thing to do is try to get her to nurse when the others are sleeping less fighting or a nipple and also maybe you can get some KMR in to her to help warm her up or a warm rice sock. please keep us updated.
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Everyone seems to be doing really well! yeah! Past the first 24 hours my worrying goes down a lot. I posted some pics from this morning, so you can see for yourself! They do fight a lot... My kids think it is hysterical when the babies hiss at them. I find it quite comical too! I mean really, who are they scaring? My son used to get in hissing fights with Grim, the gray kitten from the last litter. Grim would go up to him hiss and Michael would hiss back. They would keep it up for about 5 minutes at a time. Don't worry, it was all play to both of them. They were great buddies!
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I love when the new babies hiss it is so cute.
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