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We have KITTENS!

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Sorry, but that is all I know at the moment! It is 5 am here and it all started about an hour ago...she is in her box with her back to me, so while I hear kitten voices I can't tell you how many I hear! Will post an update in a bit!

I will definitely be taking a nap today...lol!
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I think it is #6 that just got born...I don't think she is done yet either! Jeez...they are already crawling around in there! There goes my carpet too! Dutchess had them in the box like a good kitty, but not on the sheets! Blood etc. is seeping through the cardboard! UGH! This house is brand new and so is the carpet, so if you know anything that will work with a minimum upset to mom and babies, please let me know!
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that #7 just got born...will post pics in a bit....driving my hubby nuts...not even 6 am and I have been up and down the stairs at least 10 times!
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aww congrats hun , wow 7 , your gonna have your hands full there.
wonder if she is gonna have any more lol
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Tasha, I don't think she is done yet! At least by her positioning I would say no........I hope they all survive! That is a lot of kitties for a little cat!
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aw , shes done so well bless her. a long sleep will be needed lol
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I am so glad that they are finally here. Congratulations on them.

Please post pictures later if you can.
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congratulations!!! Are we done now on kitten watch?? Has been a busy week on here with all these births

Has she done now or is there more to come?
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we are done...total of 6. Poor mom is so bloody and shaky. Do you all think it is okay to transfer to a clean box? Everybody is so ewwwy....lol! So is the box! All 6 were feeding, or attempting to at last check, so we should be okay. As for moving, I have rubber gloves so that should be okay right?
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I just knew it would be in 'your night-time'

awww bless SIX, no wonder mom is all shaky - think she needs a brandy


Keep us posted.............
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3 hours since the first one was born. So far all are crawling around all over mom and feeding...hopefully feeding. As of last night there was no milk, but they are there and making suckling noises so I assume they are feeding. Poor mommy, you should see her...she has hardly any white fur at the moment, she really needs to clean up, but she is exhausted! Will take some pictures after full daylight, that way the flash won't seem as harsh to them. I will be honest though, I think they are overdue. Something about their faces tells me they should have been born a week or so ago. Or, maybe that is just the natural facial swelling from birth...I don't know.
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lol! Okay, they are cute, but still so gross! (yes, I said that when I had my own kids too!)

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Poor baby she looks so beat.. Congrats Grandma
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Did you layer the sheets or is it just the one? If you did layer, just take the top few off and leave her alone for a while. If you didn't try changing sheets. I'd rather you didn't move the kittens around too much, it may cause momma to move the kittens herself!

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So happy to log on this morning and see that she had her kittens. Congratulations!
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Congratulations- not sure I wouldn't be tearing my hair out with six new mouths to feed but then thats just me
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I missed all of this. I am so upset now She had 6 woohoo I was correct. She looks to be a good mommy. Dutchess try to make the pictures bigger. If not that is ok. Congrads on being a new grandma and give mom and babies loves from me and my crew
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CONGRADULATIONS!!! 6 wow thats great hope mum and babies are doing fine.

WELL DONE pics are great too

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I wouldn't use any chemicals on the carpet near the kittens at this stage. I do know that Woolite makes some great spot cleaners that take out old blood like nothing else. Also at the pet store there is this stuff called Simple Solution has not failed to remove anything for me.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz View Post
I missed all of this. I am so upset now She had 6 woohoo I was correct. She looks to be a good mommy. Dutchess try to make the pictures bigger. If not that is ok. Congrads on being a new grandma and give mom and babies loves from me and my crew
Jen if you click on the pics you can see them bigger!!
How are you feeling today hun?

Dutchess looks absolutely wasted!! After all her hard work she will have a good rest and then clean up....Fudge has a lot of white on her too, and she cleaned it all off within a couple of hours!
Wouldn't move them just yet, let her rest first and maybe if she comes out for some food or water you could try and transfer them into the clean box?
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Actually there are 7 of them!
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7 lol I was doing good I said a big litter She looks like she is doing a great job
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wow 7 kitties! Poor mama must be exhausted! I only guessed 6 so I lost the wager, lol.

Can't wait to see more pictures. Can you tell what colors you have yet?
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there is
1 torti
1 muted calico
1 all black or tabby
and 4 black/white
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I love torti I would take the kitten if I lived near ya
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Bless her heart, she looks so tired and messy. The kittens are beautiful, you will have your hands full in about 6 wks
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Wow, 7 kittens..Mommy sure does look tired..Congratulations.
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Congratulations to Duchess! That is going to be a handful for her and for you too!
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Oh, congrats!!!! Duchess looks so worn out in those pictures, poor little momma. What stress! Hope she gets a good nap in today!

As far as your carpet goes, it's totally fine. What you'll need to do NOW, while the stains are still fresh, is take a few ice cubes, and rub them into the stain, and then BLOT BLOT, and BLOT some more with a dry towel! This will help the stain come out when you finally can use some chemicals...it's always bet to pre-treat blood stains with COLD water first!

What lovely babies, and one tired looking momma!
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sorry, got mixed up...

From what I can tell it is actually
1 torti
1 muted calico
1 gray
3 black/whites
and 1 black or tabby
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