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Almost hit a cat!

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We just did a late night trip to the store and as we were coming back a cat darted out in front of the car and ran across the street to a gated office building. I made my boyfriend pull over as I tried to lure the kitty out of the bushes.

I took out the flashlight and it was a beautiful long-haired cat tan and white. This was definitely a house cat. First of all because we are near busy roads, I don't think anyone here has indoor/outdoor cats. Second, the cat didn't seem to know how to cross a road. I tried for about 10 minutes to get the cat to come out, but it stayed in the bushes.

We went back to the house and picked up treats, kitty food and toys, but when I got back the cat was gone. Now I'm so worried about it. If it were my cat, I'd want someone to help get it back. It didn't appear to be wearing a collar, but it may have been hidden beneath his fur. I walked all along the whole office building and searched the entire parking lot, bushes, etc. No sign of the kitty. I hope he made it back to his home. He looked so amazing, his fur looked groomed, and he appeared to be in good condition.
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I almost hit a cat one time. It darted out of nowhere at night time! I barely saw it and I barely missed hitting it. I have no idea how I did not hit it, but I'm glad I didn't. I had no time to react at all.
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Aww bless you for trying to help the poor kitty It is frighteining when an animal runs in front of a car like that. I remember one instance in particlar with some former foster kittens of mine and how they became foster kittens. I got into my car one day to go to work and backed out 1/2 way down the drive when i saw a blob in the middle of my driveway. I about stroked! I put my car in park and got out. In the middle of my driveway were two tiny tiny kittens. I think those little ones had an angel looking after them because they had been right in the middle of my car- not under the tires- i for sure would have ran them over if they had been and not even known. Before i had trapped all of the feral colony in our neighborhood (it took almost a year to catch them all have them fixed and then relocated) the momma cats would hide kittens under cars during the day to keep them warm. That i guess was the case with these little ones. I immedately brought them in and fostered them for a while. I named them Webster and Talullah. They wound up getting an awesome home together with their new owners. But that was definitely by far one of the most shocking things i've ever had involving animals/cars happen to me.
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Aww! Well at least there was a happy ending for those kittens.

I can't stop thinking about this cat. I wanted to find out what breed it was, so I looked at the pics on CFA's website. This is exactly what the cat looked like!

So I guess it might have been a ragdoll? Do they have any other features that make them stand out other than fur length and pattern?
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Surely if it was indeed a ragdoll-it would be microchipped? Maybe it got out by accident? Poor thing, I bet hes frightened. Bless you for taking the time to check him over.
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It's too bad that you weren't able to catch him. Hopefully he'll make it home safe and sound.
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That's kinda how me and my Siamese met (minus the car). I was just walking home from my buddies house and I saw something dart across the road a couple blocks away. So I went to see what it was and here was this beautiful cat. As soon as it saw me it just ran up to me and started purring. I played with for about 15 minutes or so and then continued on me way home. When I got to the front door of my house I hear this "meow" from behind me so I turn around and see that this cat had followed me home. For a couple days it wouldn't come inside but eventually it came inside and it's been with me ever since.
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Awww, I really hope he gets home Poor thing.
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