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My missed furbabies

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This is Scotty he was 7 years old when he died. He got feline leukemia and by the time we knew something was wrong.. it was too late. When we got him to the vet.. they said he only had 24 hours left.. so we decided to end his pain.


Scotch is my other furbaby and his death still makes me cry.. because he also got feline leukemia.. but he didn't make it to the vet. I can still remember the pain that he was going through and laying on the floor trying to move but couldn't. Watching him die is one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. He lived to a good old age of 16.

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Oh my they are beautiful babies.......that must have been real tough on you

RIP Sweet babies, you are in a special place now, with some special kitties who will love to play all day long
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I am sorry to hear that, just know that they are now at the Bridge and they are healthy again.
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Bless your furbabies. They are now healthy and free from their bodies that made them sick. They are now free spirits watching over you until you meet again.
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Bless their little hearts Their having a wonderful time at the bridge now but they'll be waiting for you when the time is right

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Such beautiful kitties. I will ask my Simba to look for them at Rainbow Bridge.
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RIP Scotty & Scotch - fly high sweethearts and watch over those that love you until you meet again

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What beautiful kits they were. I am sure you miss them but Scotty and Scotch are running pain free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge until you see them again.

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They are both so beautiful. I know how you must miss them. Someday you will see their sweet faces again.

Rest in peace precious ones.
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RIP Scotty and Scotch.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Scotty and Scotch! Rest peacefully, little ones!
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Bless Scotty and Scotch. They are at the bridge playing until you meet again.
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