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Got some shots of Taffy this evening.

Isnt he so precious!?!?

Another to follow shortly.
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I am waiting for more pics u have such cuties what can I say
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Ok, ok~heres another!!

And one of him and Toby.

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He's gorgeous! SO white! I know, every kitty I see is the most beautiful, but he's stunning! I love his litle peach paws! Toby's a doll, too.
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Awww, fuzzy kitties! I just want to squeeze Taffy's chubby cheeks! lol
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very pretty kitties!! he's so white and fluffy I just wanna snuggle with him
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aww what beautiful kitties .........and Taffy is so white
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Awww! he`s so cute and what a lovely big fluffy tail he has!
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