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Pet Pouch?

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I could never carry Seb in something like this. He would be unhappy tosay the least. Does anyone have a cat that would like this?

Sorry for the big link!
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Well, it is pretty cute, though I'm not sure that either of my boys would like it too much. I think I might end up with my eyes scratched out if I tried to stick them in there.
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*giggles* My cats would NEVER ever allow me to tote them in one of those!! They would flip out!
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i can eazy doing that, heck he sometime sits in my lap in almost that same way.
but heyu wuold be running to hide in a heart beat
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My big mommas boy Mister would love that Whether he would allow himself to be seen in public in it is another question
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Really hard to say without trying it. I doubt it very much, however. Cats usually like to come and go, get picked up/get down as they please. So, it's hard to imagine either of my cats being fastened in. Maybe if you used this carrier when they were kittens, it would be easier.
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my cats would gouge my eyes out in my sleep if i tortured them with that
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I think my Willow would of liked that thing a few years ago. She was attached to me like a leach.
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Heidi would be out of that quicker than i could get her in it lol
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We have a pouch that both Mika and Bijou got used to. It doesn't have leg openings - it's just a big cloth pouch with a clip sewn into the inside for clipping onto a harness or leash. They never seemed to mind it.
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Two things would happen if I attempted that with the boys:

1. I'd end up in the emergency room needing stitches

2. The pouch itself would be destroyed.
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I can't imagine any self-respecting cat to allow itself to be strapped into one of those. Now, a toy poodle maybe...
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None of mine would ever let me put them in that. They love to run around. I rarely see them stay in one room for more than 5 minutes (unless they're cuddling with me).
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That looks awfully uncomfortable for the poor cat.
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