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I really want to own my own pet store.

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I've been thinking a lot lately and I want to own my own pet store. I was going to go for being a veterinarian, but with so many people going for that profession, and my previous bad grades in school, I doubt I'd even get into the pre-vet program.

I want to work with animals and what better way than to have my own petstore. This area desperatly needs a good one and its a way for me to be around animals all the time. I can take what I love (taking care of animals) and do it for a living.

I would specialize in reptiles, small mammals, and fish, but also deal with dogs, cats, birds, ect. I could breed some of the animals like snakes, lizards, and such. I could also allow local animal shelters and rescues to house a few of thier cats and dogs in my store for adoption.

I haven't done so well in college so far. I'm getting good grades in my biology and zoology courses. But as far as my other gen. ed classes, I'm doing horribly. I failed math last semester and I'm failing U.S History. These are classes I need to graduate.

Well I'm wondering what kinds of classes I should take if my ultimate goal is to own a petstore. I know I should take business classes, but what else should I do? Do I need any special license? How would I go about getting a loan?

Oh and just a tid-bit. I'm only 19 (almost 20) so I have some time to get all this figured out.
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I used to think I'd like to own a petstore, but I think I'd go broke.
I seriously could not let any animal go to anyone who has not researched thoroughly.

As for classes, you'd need business and management, accounting, and probably a good general animal husbandry course.

As far as licensing, it really depends on laws in your area, but basically you'd need at the very least a business license and an IRS tax number.
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I've heard of a few petstores that do a questionaire before you take an animal home. I would probably do something like that. I could also breed feeders for things like snakes and lizards.

I think Tyran could be my store mascot, but she'd have to learn to behave herself.
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