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I know this is strange ques. but I am a first time cat owner!!

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I bougt an extra large covered litter box....Not a jumbo one because i figured the Petmate Extra Large was enough for one now cosmo is 7 months old..he eats a heck of lot and poops a heck of a lot..herein lies the problem...

He poops at the back of the box so it ends up on the liner and leaves it totally uncovered so it REEKS......any idea ...should I buy a bigger box??? I don't know if that is the solution because he is the only one using it...he is average size...maybe 8 pds by now....and i clean it up immediately because who the heck can stand the smell??? also, he poops like 4 -5 times a that normal???? Igive him a tiny can of Spa Select split into 2x a day and I keep Spa Select Dry out for him all day which he also consumes...


thanks to all
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Hmm. It might, but I have 2 cats who pee either right at the front or right at the back of the box, no matter what the size, covered or uncovered...

I think going that many times might be a little unusual. Is it formed or kinda loose? If it's loose, you may want to take a sample to your vet. He also may not be covering up if he doesn't care for the litter- have you changed it lately? Is this a behavior he has always done, or is it something new?
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I haven't had kittens in a long time, so can't help with most of this.

However, I suggest tossing the liner. IME, they are useless and get bunched up funny. Instead, coat the box with vegetable oil before you pour in litter. It helps to prevent sticking.

Also, your kitten might not like the litter for digging. Some kitties are particular about this. You could try switching to another kind of litter; there are many options for the base ingredient (clay, crystals, corn, newspaper/wood...). What kind of litter are you using now? Maybe it's too rough on little kitten feet? Also, some cats are particular about litter depth. A kitten might not like deep litter (though my cat thinks that deep litter is great).
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thanks for your prompt reply....
I just switched to clumping from regular clay in the hopes of reducing the stink....he really did not cover it before either....
some of his poop is looser than others it def is on the looser side than when i adopted him from the shelter where they only fed him kitten chow 2x a day....
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I think he's definitely going more often than is normal. Is he getting milk - because that definitely could be the cause, and if not, try changing whatever he is getting to something else, and/or ask the vet about it.
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My boy just turned one and I would say he uses the pan about 2X per day. Don't know if that is average but I do know cats can hold it for a really long time.

Don't have any advice on the covering issue -- mine covers (I just wish he wouldn't kick half the litter out of the pan).
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I have two cats both using the the same large, covered pan. One of them always pees on the side. I finally caught her. She gets in the litter, turns around a few times, and then facing the back, pees. She does cover it. I scoop twice a day.
Thanks for the suggestion of oil, I'm going to try it. I use a clumping, multiple cat litter.
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You might try the corn-based. It's a little softer, and it still clumps well. I use Arm and Hammer "High Performance". It's says "natural" and "flushable" on the bag, refering to the corn-base. (I wish they would just label it as corn litter, rather than giving it such an ambiguous name.) If you do switch, switch slowly over the course of two weeks to get your cat used to the new texture.

It sounds like he might be a little sick. He could be not covering due to not feeling well. I'd talk him to the vet, too.
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Yep, that's what I was thinking- when it smells that bad when they aren't feeling well, mine don't stay in there to cover it up either!

Call your vet and ask them if you can bring in a sample (getting a fairly fresh one shouldn't be a problem if he's going that often . If it's something they would be diagnosing from a stool sample anyways, it will save your cat a trip to the vet. If they don't find anything, then you can take him in. My last vet actually had signs up suggesting that people could bring in a sample if they wanted, instead of having the vet take one . He also may just need a different food if the other stuff has been ruled out at the vet. Just remember to do it slowly, or the litterbox problem will get worse.
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Some cats just don't cover up - nothing you can do about it. However what kind of food are you feeding? The cheaper, poor quality ones will result in a lot of smelly poop!

Try putting them on a higher quality food like Royal Caien or Chicken Soup. Also have your cat checked for worms - that can cause the smell too.
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I took him to the vet about a month ago when he really had diarrhea....his sample was negative...the vet gave me antibiotics. It definitely isn't the way it was then...It is more solid now. Back then, I was feeding him Solid Gold which is a ultra premium food and someone suggeted it might be too rich so I switched to Blue Spa Select also a good food. It isn't diarrhea just soft and he doesn't cover it. Like it is 130pm and he has already gone twice....I never had a cat before, only dogs maybe thats why I think it is SO STINKY!! I mean it carries throughout the house. You can walk in my house and you know he went. It is a little gross....but I love my kitty to death anyway. It is hard to beleive this little 8 pd orange and white gorgeous gold eyed kitty can produce such #%*(*!! Oh , and by the way, why is the corn based litter better??
Thanks for all the info
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I'd take him back to the vet again because it just doesn't sound right and I've had a loooot of cats, plus kittens can go from perfect to very serious in a very short time if something's wrong (and with us it always seems to be a blizzardy Sun. night!).
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I think my kittens just poo once a day and pee multiple times. I got them a giant litter box and I have noticed each has their own side of the litter box and they divide among themselves. Daisy doesn't like to cover but after switching and trying out multiple ones, she likes the clumping clay kind and the miracle litter, then she will cover. As for Jumpy, he is the digger so if Daisy forgets to cover it, he does the dirty job of covering it for her. The two makes a perfect pair!

You might just get a bigger box down the road and try different kind of litter to see what he likes. Go easy on the free feeding food cause that maybe contributing to the endless pooping. I have fed my kitties the premium Natural Balance and Daisy would have loose to watery stool so I fed her butternut squash- baby food (some prefers pumpkin-not the pie filling), and it got better. After a week or so, I just took them off of NB. If you want food suggestion, search under the Health section. There are a number of food experts there!
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After a vet check, that was to be my suggestion. Kittens his age only need 2 meals per day with definitely no free feeding. My 6 m/o kitten gets fed Purina One Kitten, Whiskas kitten & some raw chicken & she mostly only goes once per day, very rarely twice.
As for burying, try showing him how to do it. Scratch his paws gently in the litter, that's what I had to do for Blossom as she was hand raised from a few weeks.
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