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Worried about Lizzie

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Lizzie is one of my kitties who has Feline Herpes...her sister Gracie has it also.
On Tuesday I noticed Lizzie sneezing and coughing just a tiny bit so I called me Vet and he told me to start her on the medication that I always keep on hand for her and Gracie in case of an outbreak.

The sneezing and coughing have stopped but when I got up yesterday morning I noticed that two of the water dishes were empty....this has NEVER happened before, they never drink all of their water.
At first I thought maybe while the four cats were running and playing that they had just spilled the water and what had gotten on the floor had just dried up overnight.
Mason cleaned the litter boxes yesterday and he didn't say that he'd seen anything out of the ordinary.

I got up this morning and one of the dishes was empty, stupid me I think maybe the dish ( it's ceremaic ) is leaking.

About an hour ago I saw Lizzie drinking and drinking and drinking water.
Mason had cleaned the boxes twice today and still had not mentioned anything strange.
So I went in and looked at the boxes.
The one the Lizzie uses has been peed in about 4 times since 3 this afternoon.
Gracie also uses this box, but... and sorry if this grosses anyone out...one of the pee spots is small ( as usual ) but three of them are HUGE so huge in fact that when I scooped it out it would have covered the entire bottom of a pie plate.

I did some searching online and nothing I found sounds good.
I am going to call the Vet first thing in the morning, but this is my question.
Do you think that maybe the medication is making her drink and pee more?
Frankly I doubt that's it because it's never made her drink more before.

I guess I just don't want to think that my baby may have a kidney or liver problem.

ETA: I asked Mason if he'd seen anything huge like that in the box and he said he had, but he just assumed that one of them had peed more than once in the same spot or that both of them had peed in the same spot...it never dawned on him that all of it was coming from one cat.
I don't know for a fact that it IS Lizzie peeing that much, but given the fact that I saw her drinking so much water it makes sense that it's her and her alone.
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What medication are you giving her?
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Age of kitty?? ANyother medical issues??/ current diet with meds and supplements ???

I would call the vet
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There are a lot of medications which could cause excessive thirst. It would be helpful to you to discuss this with your vet and see if the medication he/she prescribed has this listed as a possible side effect.
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I agree with gayef. A lot of medications have side effects of a dry mouth or excessive thirst which could be the reason why she is so thirsty. As far as a kidney problem, the fact that she is STILL going in the litter box is a good sign. Once they start developing problems and lose contro of their bladder they start going in odd places like the bed, floor, etc. Places you normally would find it. I would call your vet and see what he says. I hope it all works out and keep us posted.
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Thanks everyone.
Lizzie will be 7 at the end of July.
She has no health problems other than the Feline Herpes.
She doesn't take any kind of medication on a daily basis, but I always keep Amoxicillin here for her and Gracie in case one of them has a flare up of the virus and start to sneeze and cough.
So the Amoxicillin is what I've been giving her according to the directions of my Vet.
The sneezing and coughing have both stopped, but the Vet always tells me to keep them on it for at least a week to 10 days.

The only different food she has eaten was her wet food...they usually eat chicken, but my Husband bought beef instead of chicken this time.
She eats the beef, I can't imagine that's what is making her so thirsty but you never know I guess.

I called the Vet this morning but they are in the process of moving to a bigger facility so I got the machine...so I'm waiting for a call back.

On a side note, the amount of water that was gone this morning was back to normal, so she's not drinking excessively any more and the litter box had three pees in it, one was normal size...which was probably Gracie...they use the same box...and the other two were a bit bigger although not huge like they were yesterday.
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