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cat in heat and pregnant?

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Question, hope not too silly or stupid!
But, my female went into heat last week so I put her with a male, and then today she is so pink, and I am thinking she is pregnant but not from this last heat from sometime before, is this possible?

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I think pinking up normally takes 2-3 weeks.

What breed of cats do you have?
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yes, I know it takes 21 days for them to pink up-I am curious as to whether a cat can be pregnant and still go into heat-

I do Persians
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Cats can go into heat even if they are pregnant. I've seen it happen myself. The danger is allowing the female to mate after the first mating WITHOUT confirming the results of the first mating. This can cause an abortion of the first mating's pregnancy.

It's best to confirm the first mating before you let her mate again.
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After just a week it's too soon to know if she's pregnant or not. The earliest I've ever seen any of my queens pink up would be about 2 and a half weeks. And even then sometimes it turned out to be a false pregnancy!
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