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cat stroller arrived

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she is climbing in and out of it and today she took a nap in it. So far so good. tomorrow if it doesn't rain, we will go for a walk.
bought it on amazon with a discount coupon.

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oh my god oh my god, i NEED this! let me know how it goes. I want a reason to buy one.
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if i put a shawl over the top do you think I can sneak her into the zoo?
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yup yup, do it!

p. s. how much?
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OHHHH I so want one of these! Let us know how it goes concerning the quality, too. I am afraid Seb will get spooked and break out through the netting.
When I tell people I want one the first question is, " a WHAT stroller?!" Too funny.
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the retail price was about 60 and i had a $25 off coupon so I spent 35. I do amazon prime so I didn't pay for separate shipping. It looks pretty sturdy- although Abi is petite (about 8 pounds) and not at all rowdy unless it's 10 pm when she is found spooking herself out and chasing ghosts through the house.
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thats the most neatest thing ever!! Mikey might crap bricks if I put him in it. He trusts me enough that I would never A.leave him or B.hurt him so he just might sit tight for a ride..HMMM now you got me thinking!
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That is SO cool and cute!!!!
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That looks great! When I get back to work, I may have to look into one of those. Let us know how it goes..
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This looks so awesome! I have seen them advertised, but worry that my girls would freak out and break out...I will anxiously await your feedback on how your cat adjusts, etc! Do they make strollers for multiple felines?
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We'll need pics of your walk! *hint hint*
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I never heard of such a thing!! That is too cute! Does the cat enjoy it? I cannot get over how cute it is!!!!
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Oh, O'O' I want this, it would be great to take Misty for a walk around the park, this is so great. How much did it cost and did you have to put it together. Have you taken kitty out in it yet and did she stay or was she scaredy cat
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