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Cat caught... not any of the cats I was after

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He's not even feral! Still no luck with the trap... yesterday we were out working on stuff and we noticed a cat walking on the highway. I sat down and called to him, and he came right away. Very very very friendly tomcat, kinda scruffy and a little thin, he's obviously been on his own for awhile... he's about 2 years old or so. The pictures absolutely do not do him justice, he is a gorgeous boy. Apparently he's been spotted playing in the road by neighbors many times.. no more of that for this boy! I brought him inside, and he's in a large dog crate right now until he can be neutered, tested and vaccinated. I might find a home for him, and then again he might just stay right here The trap wasn't set today because I was gone all day.. I'll set it again tomorrow morning.
So here's the new boy... any ideas on names???

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oww what a handsome boy!
He looks like Tom or Calvin.

Awesome job on being a wonderful cat taker-in-er!
hope everything works out well and he gets a home!
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He's such a little cutie.
You can tell just by looking at him that he's a sweetheart!
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Captain Silver.

I dunno he looks silver to me.

Great Job on getting him, sometimes it can be alot more difficult.
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Hes sure handsome!! Moe or Joey is cute for him
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I don't know why, but he looks like a "Larry."
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post
I dunno he looks silver to me.
He IS silver! I'll try to get some better pictures today and post them.
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Congrats on bringing him in, trap or no.

And - I'd simply call him Highway or Scruffy, though you may feel he deserves a more dignified name. Maybe give it a few days and see what his personality says about a name?

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Two new pictures... the best I could do with my camera phone. I put the other cats in another part of the house and let him out of the cage for awhile... he "helped" me with my laundry, lol. He is such a sweetie, so calm and gentle and wants to follow me everywhere. He LOVES my dog too.

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I like's a nice strong name.

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Originally Posted by TNR1 View Post
I like's a nice strong name.

I love the name too... I already have a Leo though. I think I'll just wait a few days and get to know him better and then figure out what his name is. That's what I did with Sasha, she pretty much picked her own name though. I was calling her Phoenix, but one day I looked at her and said "You look like a Sasha"... and she meowed and approached me. So Sasha she became.
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What a cutie lover boy he is!!!!!!!!!! Glad he loves the dog. Seems like you won't be looking for another home for the little fellow.

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He has such a sweet little face!
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Update on the new boy!

Here's a new picture that I took today... my phone isn't great for taking pictures, hopefully I'll have a new digital camera soon. But here is the sweet boy, taking a nap on the bed...

He's tested negative for everything and has been vaccinated... he'll be neutered in about a week. I've introduced him to the other kitties and everyone gets along great.. and he's been out of the cage, sleeping with us the past couple nights. Surprisingly, we've had no problems with spraying, so that's why he's allowed out.
As for his name, my boyfriend decided he should be called Stanford ... my suggestions were Charlie, Joey, and Jasper... but my boyfriend won... so Stanford it is.
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Stanford looks like he his adjusting well!
Awesome job so faR!
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He's just adorable.
I want to cuddle right up to him!
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What a cutie!! you're doing such a grerat thing for all these kitties! Stanford is an awesome name!
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bnwalker2 - you are an amazing guardian angel for the cats in your area -
Stanford (good name - though I liked your suggestions too!) is incredibly lucky - if only he could tell you how he came to be walking along that highway... What a difference you've made in his life - he's gone from being alone on a road to being safe and loved all in a day.

What an absolutely gorgeous boy! From the description of his personality, it seems that he was meant to be with you!

You have such a generous heart for all these kitties - they are truly blessed to have you (and your BF) to care for them.
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