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Nail clipping...

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Do you have problems clipping your cat's claws. She fights me when I attempt to do her front claws but forget doing the back ones. Even the vet techs have trouble with her back claws. Even so, I tried clipping her back paws and do you know how many nails I was able to get before she wiggled free, ONE. I have more luck doing the front ones but I have to be quick about it. I just don't know why she is so squeamish about this, I have never hurt her or made her bleed. She is just afraid, I guess.
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my RB kitty, Simon was a terror when it came to clipping his claws, he almost bit the vet tech once I never even attempted it myself, some kitties just don't like it I guess. did you get Misty as a kitten? and have you done it the whole time?
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We don't have problems - there are 2 of us to hold the cat, we are the humans and they are the cats, it has to be done, and they will be held until it is done. Sometimes you have to show greater determination than they do! If they struggle, wrap them in a towel with a paw at a time sticking out, or put them on a table and scruff them (this is good for the front paws but obviously it's a difficult position to get to the back paws like this!)

I really do take the view that I am in charge, and it is for their own good. This approach seems to work, and of course they get treats afterwards
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Yes I adopted Misty when she was about 8 weeks old. She just doesn't like her nails clipped and as I said, I have never cut them too short to make them bleed, she's just a brat :-)
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I am afraid I am going to hurt her leg if I try being to rough with her and I have no help, I'm alone. I wouldn't want her scratching anyone else anyway. Sometimes I just bring her into the vet for a nail clipping even when she's not due to see the vet. I recently found a groomer who does them for $10 about 5 minutes from me so if worse comes to worse, I will bring her there.
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Try using two people and wrap her in a towel to do the back clasws. If you do it at least once a week she will get better.

That's why I start kittens when they are 3 weeks old. Ling hates getting her's done - she acts like its killing her. Charlie purrs
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If you have to do it by yourself, the towel is your friend - wrap her up with a paw sticking out and do that paw, then do the next a bit later. Always give her a treat afterwards. Cats tend to try to wriggle out of situations by going into reverse, so if you can, sit on the ground with your feet crossed under your backside and place her facing forward between your thighs, this will stop her reversing out of the situation!

And always treats and praise afterwards, I always put a treat stick in view on the coffee table while I am doing it, so that they know that they will get it after
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Thank you all for your suggestions.
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I'm by myself too, and Simon, well Simon was a 14lb Siamese that was not going to do what he did not want too and I figured if the vet tech had a devil of a time doing it, there was no way I was going to try he was good about not clawing the furniture or me though, so I didn't find it necessary to stress him out just to clip his nails
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