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Jasper has difficulty peeing

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Jasper seems to be having difficulty peeing. When he does go, it is tiny. What could be causing this?
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Well, I'm not going to make a diagnosis for you online because I haven't had a cat with those symptoms, but I can definately tell you its time for a vet visit. Difficulty urinating and small amounts of urine are certain signs that something is wrong. If you can get a urine sample too, I think that would be useful though the vet might be able to get some as well. Good luck, and vibes for poor Jasper.
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I would get a vet appt. ASAP. Difficulty urinating can be crystals/UTI, among many other things. Males who suffer from those block quickly & a blockage can be fatal. My Cow was blocked to the point that a matter of 2 hours & he would've died.
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Get Jasper to the vet ASAP. He could have a urinary tract infection (UTI) or worse, is developing a blockage. Blockages are nothing to fool around with -they are life-threatening if untreated.
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Agreed...he needs to go to the vet now.
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Should I call the emergency vet tonight or can I wait until the office is open in the morning?
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Ooh no that doesn't sound good. Male cats especially are prone to blockages in the urinary tract, which is life threatening. If he's struggling to go, that is not a good sign and needs to see a vet ASAP. If it is that, he will need immediate treatment and possibly a prescription diet over the longer term to alter the pH of his urine and maintain it at the correct level.
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Originally Posted by KaraBear View Post
Should I call the emergency vet tonight or can I wait until the office is open in the morning?
Sorry, I posted at the same time as you.

Personally I wouldn't wait until tomorrow if he is struggling to urinate at this point, but the best person to ask is the vet (whether it's your regular vet or your out of hours vet at this point) - give them a call and describe his symptoms and they will tell you whether to bring him in now or if it can wait
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If he's only dribbling, I would go to the emergency vet now.

It's very painful for him. At this point if he gets treatment right away, you could escape the complications...they creep up quickly in this situation.
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Thanks for being a good Meowmy. I'm glad others more knowledgeable posted, because I would have told you morning would have been okay. Best of luck for poor Jasper, I hope he feels better soon!
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Thanks everyone for your help.
We called the vet and she took him right in at 10 pm. It only took her about 20 minutes to meet us there. She spent a half an hour talking to us and explaining what she is going to do. She is putting a catheter in right now and will call us when she is done. She thinks Jasper will be there for two days or until he can pee. It was very hard for me to leave him there. That is the farthest and longest he has ever been from home. I was amazed at the kindness of the vet - and it wasn't even our regular vet or clinic.
She said we had caught it early before he had got dehydrated which is good.

This has been a stressful few days for me as I just had to make an early morning emergency hospital trip last Thursday taking my husband to the hospital as he was in severe pain. Turns out he has a kidney stone. My two men are stressing me out!
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Hopefully you're at the vet now. Definitely go tonight--they can catheterize him and help establish a normal urine stream before he gets to the point of being fully blocked. Despite emergency vet fees, it will cost less to treat him early--blockages can be deadly if left untreated, and they can cause permanent damage.
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I am sending you and Jasper hugs and prayers from Mississippi, please let us know something when you find out.

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aww, the poor little fella. good thing you brought him in right away! and poor you, sounds like you've had a hell of a week! *healing vibes to you and your men*
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Just checked and saw you'd taken Jasper to the vet - I'm really glad you got him in tonight! Sounds like you wound up with a good vet - I know how hard it is to leave your baby at the hospital, so getting a kind vet is comforting.

Please keep us updated on how Jasper is doing - sending lots of good thoughts for your little guy (and hubby too!)
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The vet just called back. Jasper is doing fine. There was a blockage but it wasn't crystals. She said he is really dopey but he managed to get the collar she put on him off. He'll have to eat a special kind of food for awhile. I will probably have lots of questions for everyone here about that when I find out more.
Thank you for the well wishes
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I'm glad to hear he's doing better. Thank goodness you took him to the vet when you did! I am always so relieved when members take others' advice and take their babies to the vet - there's a lot who refuse to listen.

Sorry you're having such a rough week, I really hope it gets better for you. At least the things you've found are really treatable. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want - there are a lot of knowledgeable people here who have been through what you're going through now!
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I am glad that Jasper is feeling better, please continue to let us know how he is doing.
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Glad to hear he's doing ok, it sounds as if you have access to great out of hours vets! It is very stressful if they have to stay in, but at least you know he is getting good care. And he will be home soon Hope your husband is on the road to recovery too!
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I just came back from visiting with Jasper. He was not a happy camper at first but was soon purring away. They took out his catheter while I was there and it got caught. They tell me he has a very small urethra. The vet thinks he may be prone to blockages. She said if it became a consistent problem, she would reccommend him having a sex change. I"m feeling very overwhemled. I just want him home but he won't be ready to come home until tomorrow. Even Kitty, our other cat who he teases all the time, was missing Jasper. She was crying out of loneliness when I came home and she never does that.
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I went in to see Jasper again tonight to bring a little tent he loves in. I found the nearby dogs were freaking him out so I thought he would feel more secure in his little pop up tent. He seemed more relaxed and ate a bit from our hands but still no pee on his own.
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for you and Jasper. It's so good that you were able to take the advice here and bring him in asap. UTIs and blockages in male cats are nothing to mess around with. You probably saved his lfe!

Saki was straining to urinate a few months ago and I freaked out and took him into emergency. He wasnt blocked though as he would pee ok, but then keep going back into the box a few times after that and try to 'pee' more but nothing would come out. He has some crystals so thats what I think was causing him to strain. He's now on a special diet.

Can you ask them to move Jasper away from the dogs? Gosh that would not make me comfortable at all.
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I have a kitty right now on antibiotics for UTI and am having some of the same questions you are. I posted in this forum about it, so hopefully we'll get some good answers! My Henry has had 2 UTIs in a month, so we're thinking he is going to be prone to them as well, and he'll have to be on the special food too.
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Jasper is home!
They gave me Royal Canin Urinary SO 30 dry food for him to eat as he did not like the canned kind. As our cats have to eat out of the same bowl, they will both be switching over. I'm not impressed with the corn in the food but they both inhaled it earlier.

Jasper also has to take Clavamox twice a day and Ketoprofen once a day.

They told me he not peeing regularly so keep an eye on him. His pees are little drips. We have been home a half and hour and he has gone to the box 3 times to make his little drips.

But other than that, he seems really glad to be home. The first things he did when he got in were eat, drink, and play with a mousie.
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I think he is bleeding a bit as I just found a drop of blood on the floor
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I am putting Henry on the SO too...I'm not impressed with the ingredients either, but I guess I'll have to deal with it for Henry's sake. Henry will eat wet food so I'm going to try just making him eat it, so I don't have to switch the entire crew. If I had 6 cats on expensive Rx food, I'd be broke. It amazes me that the Rx foods, that have such crappy ingredients, are more expensive than the super premium stuff I buy. I wish they would come out with a good Rx food, I would be willing to pay more for it. I have researched the ingredienst in all the prescription diets, IVD, Hill's , Eukanuba, Purina, and RC, and they are all about the same.
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Originally Posted by KaraBear View Post
I think he is bleeding a bit as I just found a drop of blood on the floor
Considering the infection and everything going on in his bladder, some blood is relatively normal...but do keep a close eye and call the vet if you have any doubts, as he could easily re-block. I'm a little surprised that they released him without some better urination happening yet. In Beandip's case, she expected to keep him for 3 days but on day 2 Beandip removed his catheter and soaked himself, so she let him go.

You might ask the vet if they have some other urinary formula canned food (other brands/varieties) to try...if you think there is any chance he might like any of them. Getting moisture into him and thru him is one of the most important things.
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Hi - Hang in there... I just went thru this with my male persian Simba. It can be upsetting. It was a full 3 weeks before he started to get better. He would be fine for a few days and then revert back to straining in the box with the little dribbles, so be prepared that this may happen. I had him at the vets 3 times within those 3 weeks because I was afraid of blockage, but each time he was ok. I guess the little dribbles coming out were enough; I don't know. As time went on the dribbles became nickel size, then quarter size, then by the end of the 3 weeks he was back to his original amount that he usually urinates. I'm hoping he will be ok... it has been over a week now that he has been fine. Please keep us posted.
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Thank you 2furbabies. That really makes me feel better although I don't know how i can go through weeks of this.
The poor guy has decided just to hang out around the litter box he is going so much
On a brighter note, he did eat a few bites of the canned food from the vet's. My other cat loved it and scarfed down the rest.
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Poor Jasper.. I hope he starts peeing normally again
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