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I have a small 4lb black cat named Krickett that I found on a beach in Maui when she was maybe a day or two old. When Krickett was about 3 I decided she could handle another pet presence in the house. Enter, a white ball of thunder "Hemmingway" a snow white Lab. Krickett didn't take to hime at first, but as he grew in size she began to be by his side always. when he turned 2 or so I started finding small circular bald patches on his belly that wouldn't go away. I took him to the vet who promptly prescribed me a pill and cream for Ringworm, and Charged me 178 bucks. The circles didnt go away. One night as I was sleeping iI heard a small "svft svft svft svft" when I turned on the lights there was Hemmingway "spread eagle" on his back with Krickett on his belly making biscuits and slurping away. Oh well at least it wasnt Ringworm!