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Licking and more licking!

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I've recently discovered those cool caps to put on cats nails, so you don't have them tairing up your furnature. One of my cats is content with them... The other one is nerodically licking his feet! He's had them for a few months, and so far he's been pretty good with them. But recently, he's been licking them every time I look over...

I managed to pry off all of the caps on one paw in particular. One of the areas around his nail (the skin on the paw with all the caps off) is so puffy it kind of scares me. It's bright red, and swollen. I bet he's been licking it all day, but I work so I can't watch. I don't know what to do...

After prying off the caps, I soaked his paw in warm water for a few minutes. He's now cleaning up after that... so that wasn't a good idea.

I think I have to take him to the vet, but before I do, any suggestions?? His paw looks really pathetic, raw, and red around one particular nail bed.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Sorry, sweetie, I don't have any suggestions. The only thing we'd do is get him to a vet.

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Oh dear, it sounds as if the nail cap has been irritating him, or maybe the adhesive? They come in different sizes, so perhaps the size you had on him was a little too large and rubbed when he retracted his claws, or it could be an allergic reaction to either the cap or the adhesive, some cats are allergic to certain plastics just the same as humans.

If he's not bleeding or infected (swollen, hot to the touch, pus or weeping) it's not a medical emergency but if you see no improvement by tomorrow, or if he develops any symptoms of infection in the meantime, I would have him checked out by the vet. You may find it helpful to give the vet a phone call to see what they say. I am sure he will be fine and heal up ok

I don't use nail caps myself, but if he doesn't get on with them I would keep his claws well trimmed instead - I trim my cats' claws every time I can feel them through my jeans and they still have a bit of grip for climbing, but can't scratch anything up badly
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those caps are notorious for traping germs. Mainly from the litter box. I you kitty is an outdoor cat espeacially. They get small cuts and knick on their paws and the caps(as the loosen) start to trap germs that can cause the cuts to get infected. Simila to when a womans finger gets infected from unsanitary tools being used when they get their nails done. Vet will give Rx for antibiotics.

Hope this helps
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Perhaps he had an infection under the caps? I would take him to the vet.
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Yes, good ideas. As nasty as this sounds... yeah I think his licking was causing the moisture to get trapped, because on the paw where I took the caps off (pried them off, luckily he let me) it smelt kind of nasty, and it was a little brown. Eek. Smelt like his ear mites when I first got my little boy! So yea, bacteria build up is a good guess. Washing his paw in warm water, and then lightly blotting off the little brown areas on his nail have made them clean again.

He's not licking at the moment... but again, one area is particularly puffy and really red. yuck, looks kind of painful. He's happy in the open window right now... the chirping birds and beautiful georgia weather today are making him preoccupied.

all good suggestions, I'll see if it worsens in the morning (more licking) and if it looks worse, I'll call the vet and take him in.
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