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How Many Pet's are in your home?

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We have 1 dog (chocolate Lab ( Copper)) Two kitties (Diesel and Tucker) A bunny rabbit (holland lop, (Stitch)) A water Turtle (Spike) and a betta fish (pinky pie (my daughter named him )) They just seem to appear. We started with our dog, Copper five years ago and it's kind of snowballed from there
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I have the most amount of pets I'm sure.........

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Two: one cat and one boyfriend!
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two cats who own me

one dog who thinks she my baby she is

8 fish
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Here goes!

3- red eared turtles
1- 4 foot iguana
1- 2 foot water dragon
3- dogs- mutt, basset hound, lab
11- cats
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Four kitties, two dogs, three bettas, and one hamster.. and soon to add one more hammie to the group!
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Heres my gang!!
~cats:Chloe,Lucky,Freddie,Lilly,Taffy,Toby and Miss Kitty.
~dogs:Yoda(mutt),Molly(gold ret.), Amy(pit bull) and Skeeter(who was supposed to be "temporary") hes a boston terrier mix.

~2 kids,ages 12 and 3, and a husband!!
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6 cats: Molly, Twitch, TigerLily, Ophelia Rose, Damita Mae, & Dorian Grey
2 dogs: Macey(lab/GSP/Coonhound X) & Coco(choc. Lab)
Two Gerbils
1 Betta
And a 16 year old sister!
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4 cats
6 Tiels
2 55gallon tanks (1 fw, 1 sw)
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I have quite a few pets:

45 gallon fish tank with fish

4 Cats

4 Dogs

3 Ferrets

1 Guinea Pig

1 Parakeet

1 Parrot

2 turtles

2 hamsters

1 hermit crab


I have more animals that live outside. We live on a small farm. But those are the inside pets.
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2 cats
2 turtles
5 chiclids
and John
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5 cats
2 dogs
2 fish (one betta, and an algea eater, only survivor from the 20Gal tank. )
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Two cats, Gracie and Casey, and one Mom, Jane.
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2 - cats, Tomas and Sho
3 - leopard geckos
3 - golden geckos
8 - baby ornate box turtles
not pets, but I also keep thousands of insects, the reptiles' food

The terrible turtle hoard goes outside soon!
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2 wonderful cats and 4 wonderful dogs!

I guess I should list what breed like everyone else is doing.

Miagi - 4 year old tabby

Tiger - 5 year old bengal/tabby mix

Jenny - 8 (almost 9) rottie/yellow lab mix

Rocky - 10 year old black lab/pointer mix

Buster - 3 year old coonhound (he's a treeing walker coonhound)

Ginger - 7 year old corgi (?) mix

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Four kitties.

Sprocket: 13 years old tuxedo maine coon
Katie & Jumpy: 4 year old rescued siblings with mostly maine coon features
Scout: outdoor stray that adopted us last year. Age unknown. Could be anywhere from 2-5 years old.

I'd love to have some mice again. I had mice as pets while growing up, but I think they would die an early death from being petrified all the time lol!
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Okay here's my pets:

Fergus (5 year old male; white w/orange splotches)
Ripley (3 year old torti female)
Captain Steuben (1 year old silver/gray tabby)

Puppy (4 year old Rottie/Chow/Black Lab mix)
Melvin (7 year-old Golden Retriever)
Petunia (the female basset hound neonate...due to be born one month from today!)
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a small 14 gallon fish tank with a few mollys guppies ect..
12 cats plus 1 im looking for a home as an only cat.
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We have three cats and three people, one each.
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We have:

1 Cat (Madden) 1 year old

2 Dogs: Pooch-Lab/German Shep. mix 3 years old, Daisy-purebred teeny weeny 2 years old

1 Cockatiel- Chipper 4 years old

1 Hamster- Hampton 1 1/2 years old

2 Mice- both 1 1/2 years old

A 55 gallon Discus Tank

A ten gallon Betta tank (including Squishy my Black Mystery Snail )

And one foster dog, Miss Bea- Chow-chow mix approx. 4-6 years old.
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2 cats here!

Now, it's a different story where my daughter lives. Between her and her roommates, they have 2 cats (was 3), 3 degus, 1 hamster, 2 chinchillas and a ton of fish!
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3 pets at the moment:

Radar the cat, 10 month old bi-colour cornish rex/siamese/dsh cross
Sonic the cat, 4 month old blue oriental shorthair
Jasper the parrot, 5 year old Poicephalus Senegalus (Senegal parrot), green yellow and grey

I usually have a few animals around me, alas I lack the space and money to have zoo-type levels of pets at the moment!
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2 cats, one dog (Border Collie/German Shepherd X), and two fish.
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Charlie my 9yr old white dsh and Jasmine 2yr old calico dsh. We're out in the suburbs so you need a liscence for more than 2 cats, wthe most we've had in the one time is 4, but that was when i was younger.

On the other hand, Tristan has Timmy a grey tabby about 8 yrs, Cleo 11 mnth tiger striped tabby, Bella a shitzu x poodle 4yrs, Rahni 14yr terrier x, Spoodles a ginger guinea pig (SOOO cute!!), various breeds of chickens, ducks and also kangaroos/wombats/echidnas who live on the property

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2 cats and about 5 billion pigeons that like to shaite on my balcony and the cats wish I would let into the apartment so they can "Play" with them.
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I've got 3 cats:

Chloe, a 17-year-old tortie.
Katy, a 14-year-old, black polydactyl.
Bailey, a 9-year-old, all-white big boy.
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6 cats, ages 2yrs, 3yrs, 3yrs, 3yrs, 7yrs and 13yrs
1 dog, lab mix, 5 yrs
1 Hahn's Macaw, 7yrs
1 Chilean rose tarantula, 3yrs
1 fish and 1 snail.
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I forgot to include my husband and 3 kids (11 boy, 8 girl, 2 boy) They put up with me and my fur kids (and scaled kids) so they definately deserve a mention!!
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We have
1 Dog - Jake- Vizsla
4 Cats , Bo, Duke, Cooter, And Tiger
1 bird - Pepsi - Cockatiel
2 kids
and the messiest animal of all... My husband
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well everyone(everyone I know ) says i have a zoo so lets see..

~6 cats(all rescues somehow) in order they came Willie- 11years old, Midnight 3-4 years old, Bella 1-2 years old, Stormie 7 months, Blue 8 months, and tessa 1-2 years
~2 dogs (chocolate lab-cocoa, black lab-jasmine {brother and sister rescued 4-5 years ago from HS)
~2 Guniea pigs (mama and baby, baby was a surprise though)
~ and 1 bunny named sugar

i dont think we have a zoo what do u guys think ?
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