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What pre-surgical procedures are neccessary?

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I have an appt next monday to take bobber in and have a cyst removed from her face and a larger one removed from her right front "armpit". As a preliminary request I can opt to have "blood work" and and IV for fluids done-these would be priced in addition to the cyst removal. The additional cost is $60 for bloodwork and $38 for IV. I talked to Neil about it and we aren't sure if this is neccessary. I would agree to the IV in case she needs it of course.
When your cats have had surgery do you have these procedures done??
I don't have to let them know until I drop her off Monday morning.
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If your cat is known to the vet, the bloodwork may not be necessary (Sadie didn't have it for her second surgery but did with the first). She had IV for both operations
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How old is the cat ??? any other issues with this kitty???

I would always do basic blood work prior to anestisia( this may not be what is in the blood work $$... at my vet cbc and something else was 38 vs a full which is 100
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Another $100 or so is little to pay if it can help prevent a problem. With Sho's last reaction to anesthesia I will never let him be put under again without the blood work first.
Considering what your cat is having done maybe you should go ahead with it, it certainly won't hurt.
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If she is current with shots/vet visits- the blood work is NOT necessary unless they are monitoring a medical condition-in that case it is. The iv is absolutely necessary. I'm a vet tech at our shelter- i do them all the time- you do not want to have the kittys cyst removed without the iv. Also- if they offer an option for pain med- get that as well- it will keep your kitty more comfortable. I would NEVER remove a cyst from an animal without an IV. They are routine and usually animals do not have a problem with the anestesia- make sure she is weighed before hand so that they give her the proper dose of anestesia for her size (too much will make her sick, to little and she can wake up on the table- NOT a good thing.) Definitely get the IV and pain meds. The blood work is likely not necessary unless they're monitoring a health condition. If it's a new vet- have her up to date records from the other vet transfered there so they have all the info. I wish i were closer hon, i'd make sure her iv was just right. I'm sure she'll be ok
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Bobber is up to date on everything. She will be 7 yrs old. She has no medical problems other than having worms (she is indoor/outdoor). The pain meds they will automatically give her and as for the other items there is a box that I can check to leave the decision up to the vet doing the surgery. I think I will check yes for the IV though. I would rather be safe.
Thanks for the info.
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Well good luck for Monday then! I wonder why the IV is optional?
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I would definitely have the blood work done unless she's had blood tests done recently. They will show if there are any problems with her kidneys or liver that might make an anaesthetic more risky. It was during a routine pre-op blood test (before a dental) that I discovered Jaffa had quite high urea and creatinine levels. I think they're worth having for a cat that age (not saying your cat is old, just that if she was 6 months or something then they would be less necessary).
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