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I Just Heard A Crash! LOL!

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I was sittin' here typing up a reply to one of the threads here on TCS when all of a sudden I heard a dull crash! I knew exactly what it was too Sure enough, Mia had been sleeping on one of the tables I have for her & Elora by the breakfast room windows. My guess is she stretched or turned in her sleep and landed on the floor! Y'all should have seen her sweet, silly, dazed face! Awwww, pobresita! I scooped her up, smothered her with kisses and....put her back up on it!...but this time I put her on the larger one...maybe she won't fall off of that one so easily!

Silly baby

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Lucky is famous for falling esp when he rolls for attention.
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Löki does that too sometimes! He always looks so shocked when it happens too!
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I love it when you come running and find them licking themselves and look at you calmly, like "I meant to do that...you missed it!".
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Reeses falls off the kitchen table alot. She'll stretch or roll over and act all cute and not realize where the edge is. She usually falls off and tries to grab the chair on her way down and pull herself back up. That only works about 10% of the time.
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Maybe I'm mean, but I always laugh when a cat rolls off something. It's so cute and funny.
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It's not mean if they land on carpet Charlie and Cleo both love the very end corner of the beds, so alot of stretching ends up on the floor. And even though Cleo cant see she doesn't freak out if she falls off which is good
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Our kits do such silly things, glad she is ok.
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