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Do you ever feed your cat human food?

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Sometimes we give Wesley some of our food. Usually it is after we are done eating. We will give him a little of our left over food. The weirdest thing he will eat is pasta! He has his favorites: cheese and chikcen! And I always drain the tuna juice into his bowl when I make tuna. He LUVS this. So every time I open a can he runns over and meows, hoping it it tuna!
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It depends on the kitty.

Our older kitty will eat table scraps, but only protein. Favorite all around for all kitties is salmon and shrimp.

We have one kitty that likes scrambled eggs, and will occasionally eat a bit of lamb.

So, it depends on the kitty. Our outdoor kitty will eat canned kitty food, but if he had a choice, it would be wild bird or baby squirrel.
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If we have chicken or fish for dinner I'll usually give them the scraps. My Little One LOVES chips w/ french onion dip!
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Yes. Tiger LOVES chicken, cheese, lunchmeat, and cheerios! Miagi loves fish, he will eat pringles and cooler ranch doritos. my dad feeds Miagi lunchmeat every morning when he makes his lunch for work.. maybe that's why he's so fat.
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I don't refer to it as cat food or human food. They get raw meats+organs and the cooked/steamed stuff is mine.
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I am horrible for feeding them things they probably shouldn't be eating.

Gordito will eat any and everything. He is not picky at all. yesterday he ate half a piece of Pumpkin pie before I caught him.
His favorite has got to be snackers though.. Doritos and the crunchy Cheetos.

Poptart only likes meat.. he won't touch anything else.

The other boys are picky.. they'll eat the odd noodle, bit of rice.. but not all the time.

I give them the food off my plate while I am eating. I eat in the livingroom watching tv, or here at the desk. There is always at least 1 kitty (usualy gordy... )
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They don't get people food often, but there are some things I am forced into giving them (forced by getting the "kitty stare" until the food jumps onto their plates !!!)

Usually tuna, chicken and for Melchett, peas and, just DON'T ask!!!!
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Never never never!! I don't want Trout to get sick..I have been through that already because of something she ate.
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I usually share a bite of meat, chicken generally. Sho and Tomas love cheese but I don't let them have that too often.

Oddest thing Sho has eaten, once I was eating fajitas and a piece of bell pepper fell out and on the floor. He scarfed it down before I could pick it up.
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Im guilty..........they get scraps every now and again
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Harley and Davidson never had any interest in human food, but Bayley is a food FREAK! He will eat anything you give him. His first day home he tried to eat pizza from my plate, and he's also notorious for taking the raisin's out of my raisin bran cereal! So far he hasn't even them, but he takes them out!
He also took a bite out of my toast this morning, and a piece of hashbrowns off of my egg bake when I turned my back.

He keeps us guarding our plates, thats for sure!
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Ceci gets zero human food. I swear she is just about the pickiest cat I have ever seen, she doesnt even like wet food! She turns her nose up at everything. Once though, I gave her a piece of chicken from a pot pie, but when offered the second time she turned up her nose.

Samantha on the other hand needs to be watched carefully. I once left a package of bread (in a grocery bag, with a knot) on the counter because the bread box was full. I wake up the next morning, the bread is on the floor, with a huge hole in the package and about 3 slices missing. I swear she will eat everything without even sniffing at it first!
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I do with Chynna because she is like "Mikey" in the Life Cereal commercial and will eat anything.

Abby doesn't like people food with the exception of a few licks of chocolate soy ice cream and the yogurt bottom from those "Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Almond" bars.

Oh, and they both love lactaid milk.

Abby turns her head up at tuna, salmon, steak, chicken etc. She really only likes her w/d feline dry food.
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Clover is pretty much the only one of our kitties to eat human food. I can barely even eat my food without her trying to take it right off my plate, or climbing my leg to get to it. She loves meat (steak, chicken, pork) and shredded cheese the most.
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Kandie eats raw so she gets plenty of human food

Zoey like a bit of yellow cheese
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Bean begs for food whenever I'm eatting. I usually HAVE to give him a little taste.
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Only here and there. i try not to make a big habit of it. Last night mum was making tuna pasta for dinner and i stole a chunk of fresh tuna off her plate and snuck it to Charlie
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You ask like I actually have a choice to give it to them or not
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