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Any Ideas

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hi could anyone tell me what colour a persian white chinchilla and a grey and white persian cat would produce?Thanks for any help.
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I'm not familar enough with the silver gene (which is what a chinchilla is) to really tell you. BTW its NOT grey/white - its blue/white. Are these your cats that you are breeding?

Are they show quality and do you have breeding rights?

IMO you really do not want to cross those colors. Usually breeders will only breed silvers to other silvers - shaded silver, chinchilla. Why do you want to cross other colors in the silver line?
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No its a friends cat which got out and thinks it mated with a grey and white persian . She has got it booked in for spaying on friday!!!! . So she was curious to know what colour they would be?. The cat is one . Also how many do they have with there first litter . Thanks for your reply.
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There is no set number of kittens for a first litter - it could range from 1-6 or even more. I know some Devon rex breeders that their girls have 6-8 kittens!

But usually its 3-4 for an average guess.

You friend is still getting her spayed even if she did mate? - the vets can do it but it might cost a little more - better that, then to have to worry about finding homes for kittens or they end up in the shelter.
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No ,she is going take her on friday still but if she is then she will let her have them , im going to have one cause i also have a chinchilla and it will be nice to have a friend for her and also her mum is so im sure that wont be a problem ,them soon as she can after she said she will. Thanks for your reply again.
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Ok, so is she just having the vet to check if she's pregnant? How long ago does she suspect she's mated - if its less then 3 weeks you won't know. And if the vet opens her up and she is a week or 2 pregnant, its too late.

IMO its better to just get the cat spayed (preg or not) and you check your local shelter for another kitten to keep your cat company.
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Ill see what she says ? Think she may feel bad for her if she is . She will have her scanned first before she has the op.
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